My Rhordia p3: Battling from distance.

Happy heatwave MoDers, This time in ghe mini series: My Rhordia (Not cannon) I will focus upon the town of Salsa, which is governed by the Thorne family, currently led by Baroness Rose Thorne.

Salsa is located in the southern most tip of La Cantina, at the base of an extinct volcano. The fields around the town are burgeoning with soft fruits and sun ripening vegetables, whilst the slopes of the volcano are littered with vineyards and olive groves.

Salsa’s main contribution to Rhordian warfare is through it’s archery schools and ballistics academy, which are both headed by Halfling Master Sergeant Lorne Moah, who is a prolific marksman, and talented engineer, it is said that he designed the steam powered wings that the Baroness often equips during times of war.

Salsa provides training in the use of all manner of projectile from the simple sling to the deadly organ gun. It is said that the academy was established by Rose’s grandfather Berberis, who although a brave man, was not particularly skilled in the martial arts, he could however weild a bow with some prowess and was very interested in what he called ‘Battling from a distance’. He is responsible for introducing Black powder weapons to La Cantina.

the livery of the Salsean army is white and pink. It was originally light grey and red, however the strong sun in the region kept bleaching the colours of the uniforms, and the Baron decided out of practicality that a change of colour would be cheaper than constantly buying replacement garments. The heraldic device of the family is a pink rose, either bare or surrounded by foliage.

My next focus on my Rhordia will be the town of Ciabatta.

ROTB 2022

Hello MoDers, welcome back.

Last weekend I held my first ‘Kings of War’ event, Roll Out The Barrells, at the ‘Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, in London’s East End. This was a joint event as it was planned and organised by me on behalf of the ‘Central London Kings of War’ collective, using the venue and much of the equipment of the ‘Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiasts.’ As far as I am aware this was the first Kings of War only event in East London, often it is supported by other gaming systems.

Planning the event had not been without its difficulties, I even had to move the originally planned date due to loe ticket sales and not having enough terrain pieces to give the players decent tabletop scenery.

After talking with CLKoWs Rob and Matt, and liaising with HATE members Andy and Rob I decided on a new date and pushed the advertising a bit harder. The new date was July 23rd 2022, by the time we were a week away from D-day, we had 11 players and enough terrain to populate the required amount of tables.

we had a good range of players from top 10 masters level to relative new comers, and a good mix of army selection. I thonk that Elven kin were the only repeated race, and they were from different factions. As we only had 11 players, I had to even thigs up and both play ghe gamex as well ax thn the event, I was so nervous that I would make mistake and ruin people’s day.

When I planned the event I wanted to have a special character like the boys who run ‘Shroud of the Reaper’. I came up with the character of ‘The Landlord’ an Eastend tavern owner who could have a subtle affect on the game play, but not be over powered. So with a hip flask of Dwarven ale, an inspiring presence and high ish individual leadership, the players were set the task of modelling and painting their landlord or lady, the entries were brilliant from bar stool weilding orcs to a goblin in a pink dress, absolutely brilliant. The Goblin actual gained the most voted netting Dave Randall the best painted landlord miniature prize.

The order of play for the first round was decided by the order that players sent in their army lists. This lead to some interesting match up such as a ‘Herd’ army againt an ‘Undead’ horde both forces packed to the rafters with Lycan. As I was evening up the odds, my 1st opponent was to be Ed and his Drakon heavy Elven kin.

Game 1 was Invade, and was pretty evenly matched with plenty of piece trading on both sides, and a good press in the middle. Sadly for me the elite nature of the elves started to shine through by round 4 and my Rhordians felt their wrath. The elves won on scenario points as I had inflicted enough damagd in the early rounds to gain a respectable losing score, and end up mid table.

Game 2 is like a blur to me, as my forces were quickly shot off the table. This was Chris’s Ratkin army and it was crammed with ‘Nightmares’ with a shooting upgrade that my Cavalry based force could not get close enough to deal with, it was like a repeat of the charge of the light brigade only the cannon were mobile. I had no real answer to this and was wiped from the table. After this round I dropped down to near bottom of the table, in 2nd to last.

My opponent for the last round was fellow CLKoW Tony, we have played each other several times, so we both knew each others forces, it was a good match up between League of Rhordia and Kingdoms of Men. Luckily Tony had selected the players choice tabld fof this round, as it had some impassable scenery that I could use to block his very effective cannon. Honestly the only person that can role the required 5s or 6s more frequently is Rusty Shakleford, I was happy for the reprieve. The scenario was ‘Push’, and the game pretty evenly matched, I rolled far too manh snake eyes, and Tony couldnt do much more than waiver my units which otherwise refused to rout, largely thankx to ‘Rally’ from my ‘War-shrine.’ Tony’s foot knight horde dealt a devestating blow to my army taking out my Duke and a regiment of knights, however they were in possession of his loot tokens, and spent so much time fighting in the back field, they didn’t even get close to the halfway line, unlike my token laden ‘Mammoth’ who slowly plodded up field sticking to the cover of trees and other blocking terrain. A last minute reverse with the War-shrine allowed me to pinch the center token and win the game 4 objective points to 0, snd bumping me up to third from bottom.

whilst all this was going on, I was totalling up scores each round, pairing up players, assigning tables and making sure we kept as close to the timings as we reasonably could. It wasn’t easy, but it was actually quite fun.

Dave Randall was our over all winner with his Goblins, followed by Chris Judd and his Ratkin and Richard Laking’s ‘Noble dead.’ Jake Salmonsmith’s ‘Orcs,’ claimed the best painted army award, and Tony seized the wooden spoon.

I’d like to thank everyone that attended, you really made the day, thank you for helping with set up, and tidying away, and just being there. Thank you also to the HATE club for the use of your facilities, boards snd other equipment without which the event could not have happened. Finally thank you to Maggie and the staff at the social club for everything on the day.

After this experience, there may well be sn ROTB next year.

Next up for me is the ‘Shroud of the Reaper: Clash of the Titans’ event on 3rd and 4th September:

My Rhordia p2: The Wurst Household

Hello MoDers, I am back already with another depiction of ‘my’ League of Rhordia, the region of ‘La Cantina’ (It’s not cannon 😉)

La Cantina is a small sub region of the League Of Rhordia, it is a triumvirate, three small towns, that work together to survive in the often dangerous world of Pannithor.

The largest town in the region, and seat of the reigning Duke, is Chipolata. It is a market town which specialises in live stock and meat products, it is famous throughout Rhordia for the smoked sausage that bears the town’s name. This is the source of the ruling family, House Wurst’s wealth and power.

The current head of the household is Duke Blud Wurst, he is a fearsome warrior, espeacially when mounted upon his Winged Ancient Aralez: Relish.

Blud favours cavalry over all other troop type, as reflected by the core of Chipolata yeomanry. Honour Guard, Knights, Mounted soldiers of all variety.

As a busy statemans, Blud is not always able to lead his army in battle, on these occassions the role is ably handled by master halfling Sergeant: Cyranno Hamm.

Blud and Cyranno do understand the importance of including infantry and having other options to fall back on. It is not unknown for Blud to reach out to a company of Mercenaries to fulfil this need. The pride of Blud’s forces is a giant Aralez alpha called: Mammoth.

The livery of House Wurst is Gold and Sable, often depicted as a shield with the right side in yellow and left side in Black. Their heraldic emblem is a large toasting fork in light blue, often shown piercing a large sausage, or entwined by a string of smaller sausages.

King of Herts XI

Happy Sunday MoDers,

Finally, here is my report on the most recent ‘Kings of War’ tournament run by Paul and Mat the ‘Kings of Herts’.

Following the devastation of my ‘Rhordians’ at the hand of Rusty’s ‘Abyssal Dwarfs’ and their heavy mortar battery, at ‘The Bexley Reapers’ dead man’s hand. I did the only sensible thing and challenge him to the 1st game, I had to silence those guns. Being the good sport that he is, Rusty accepted.

To have a chance against Rusty’s artillery and hordes of lumbering rocks, I took a few list building tips from fellow ‘CLKoW’ member Grant, to add some synergy to my units, I was still quite adamant about the units I wanted to take, but took on a few of his ideas, including a character with the special item, the ‘Wings of the Honeymaze’, to hunt down those irritating warmachines.

By the 11th June after weeks of planning and preparation it was time to put my army to the test. As I walked through the venue entrance, Rusty gave a cheerful greeting and showed me where our table was.

As usual I have let too much time pass between the event and my write up. I remember that it was a really fun and well run tournament.

In game 1, I remember setting most of my cavalry heavy Rhordians in the centre of the table as a screen for my Duke and Baroness, to get close enough to use their fly movement to charge down the mortars, and not get shot before they could do so. I put a regiment of knight and troop of mounted scouts on the left flank, with the intention of turning and moving them toward the center of the board as a supporting 2nd wave. Rusty responded by putting his Infernok, a horde of lesser obsidian Golems and an Iron-Caster opposite them. In turn 1 I decided block the three Abyssal Dwarf units with my scouts and turn and move the knights toward the center as planned this proved to be a sensible move as my scouts were incinerated in one blast. My warmachine hunters moved to the cover provided by a building, from where they could launch a 2nd round flight attack on the nearest mortars, due to the dukes size he couls still be seen an was targetted, luckily Rusty uncharacteristically missed, and the heroes were able perform their primary objective of silencing those guns. The rest of the game saw both sides remove units, and I grabbed as many tokens as I could. By turn 6 I was in top and had the opportunity to remove the Infernok and unit of Immortal guard, but rolled poorly. This poor rolling continued as Rusty asked me to roll for turn 7, which I did, and annoyingly he got the extra turn he needed to turn the tables and win the game.

Round 2 was agaist fellow CLKoW Rob and his Twilight Kin with Night Stalker allies. I do not remember the specifics of the game, but yet again I held my own and took out a good amount of his units. This time I really needed turn 7 to hapoen, so I could claim an objective and force a draw, but as often happens, when I need a turn 7 it is nowhere to be seen. However by the end of what had been a mentally draining game, I was greatful for the chance to have a rest.

Game 3 was against Ben and his elves, my poorest game, I did not play this game particularly well, whereas Ben was on top form getting the very best out of his army, tabling me for no losses at all, a real master class. Sadly due to being tired I totally forgot to take any pictures of this game, which is a shame as Ben has a reslly cool looking army.

By turn 3 Rusty had realised that he had made a mistake with his army list, and reported it to the TO’s Paul and Matt, who awarded me game 1 by default. However I still need to win a tournament game properly rather than by default before I declare an end to my losing streak.

There was a final surprise for me, during the award ceremony at the end of the event, I found I had been in the running for best painted army, and actually won best painted unit with my Baroness with wings of honey maze.

Although I am not playing in any tournaments now, until September, my Tournament: Roll Out The Barrells is taking place on Saturday 23rd July 2022at Bethnal Green Working Mens Club, 1000 to 1700 hrs, please follow the link for more information:

My Rhordia: An introduction.

Happy Jubilee weekend MoDers, I hope that May has treated you well.

This will be a shorter blog than I originally intended, as on Friday morning our desktop gave us the blue screen of death upon start up, and had resisted all attempts to reboot.

At the start of the year I had intended to quickly build and start playing with my ‘Mostly’ ‘Mantic’ ‘Halfling Army’. But this was hampered by delivery issues, than caused a re-think. I had started the tournament season using my old League of Rhordia army, with Halfling allies, to learn how to use the newer Halfling only units. With the unexpected delay I decided to focus on actually finish an army project I had started back in the days of 2nd edition Kings of War.

When I took up Kings of War at the beginning of 2nd ed, pre-ordering the new rule book and uncharted empires supplement. Historically a Dwarf player, the end of the Warhammer Old World inspired me to try new things, and this included my army choices, of all the factions on offer I was torn between the Brotherhood and the League of Rhordia. In the end the inclusiveness in the background given for Rhordia, and the opportunity to use Halflings won out.

At this time I was a regular at the Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiasts based at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. Several of us were spurred on by a visit by Ronnie Renton of Mantic, and started up a slow grow army campaign. My Rhordians were joined by Dwarfs, Goblins, Ratkin, Ogres and Basilean forces all vying over a map created by Dan Read. Like many campaigns we didn’t quite finish, but it got me to a good 1,500 pts army of mostly old GW figures.

When this campaign faltered and I found it increasingly difficult to make Wednesday evenings, I found myself drawn into a new campaign atva different venue, and switched my allegiance to the Empire Of Dust with their surging shennanigans.

Our campaign during that first year of 2nd ed KoW was heavily fluff based with post battle effects upon your army, and character development. We developed a back story for our armies along with story based reasons for our next moves. This was in the time when Pannithor was called Mantica and the lore was minimal, it was a great time to be creative.

I decided my Rhordians were in a region called ‘La Cantina’, with three main towns: Chippolata, Ciabata and Salsa. The region is controlled by house Wurst, the current head is Duke Blut Wurst, of Chippolata, he is assisted by Baroness Rose Thorne of Salsa and Baron Arthur Pence of Ciabata. I will focus upon these more closely in my following blogs, until then here are the triumvirate of La Cantina:

Reaper: Deadman’s Hand or Aces and more bloomin aces…

Happy Sunday MoDers,

I hope you are having a relaxing weekend; I am certainly enjoying the opportunity to take some time to chill out and not do very much. Certainly after last weekend when I attended the Bexley Reapers ‘Kings of War’ themed tournament. It was only a three game at 2000 point affair, but it would appear that anything more than one game in a day totally wipes me out, this isn’t helped by me habitually standing throughout the game when each player is offered a chair.

Best Reaper:

I always enjoy Mark and Grant’s events; they often include some crazy rules to their scenarios and theme the event to fit a different version of their special character ‘The Reaper’, this time he was based around the legend of ‘Wild Bill Hickock’ and the last poker hand he held before being shot a pair of aces and a pair of eights.

I had just started to work on my Halfling army project when I turned my thoughts to this particular Reaper. I had previously received a Halfling wraith in my ‘kickstarter’ rewards pledge from the ‘TTCombat’ ‘Halfling and Friends’, project. I wanted to use this miniature, however the Reaper in this event needed to be mounted, given that the Halfling Army has been given the ‘Mini Aralez’ as a generic mount, I hit the internet to find a suitable, undead version. On e-bay I found some fun looking sculpts by ‘Games Workshop’, the ‘Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Dire Wolves’, one in particular had its front paws resting on a rock; I had to have that wolf.

Having won the bid for the wolves, I had a mount and its rider and was ready to start painting. I decided upon various shades of blue for the reaper and his undead companion. The blue was contrasted by Red Gore, with purple highlights and a dark wash to show the Dire Wolf’s open wounds and light browns to show the unit’s exposed bones.

I was happy with the overall effect, but needed to link it to the theme, so I decided to paint a different Ace symbols in various areas on the mini and the base. I painted a club in browns upon the rock the wolf is perched upon, a golden spade upon the reapers back and so on. The only thing I couldn’t work out was how to include the ‘Eights’ from the theme. I left this for a while, and in-fact it was two days before the event that finally I decided upon a solution, I would give my Reaper his own back drop as a frame. I painted a desert scene, which I enhanced with the help of my friend Nik at ‘Grumpy Old Tin’ who cast me some resin Cacti, which I added to the reapers base and the back ground.

The rear side to the back drop was very plain, and so I decided that this would be the perfect place to add the ‘Eights’ element of the theme by painting it to look like a playing card. I decided upon the ‘Eight of Spades’ on one side and to try and match that being held by the Reaper in Mark’s tournament advert, on the other, although I gave it a more ‘Mexican’ theme ala Dia De Los Muertos.

I was pretty happy with the final results, it was certainly more than an ‘F’it that will do’ moment, anyway. Sadly there is a high quality of painting at these events and despite my best work my reaper was out voted, but that it is what it is, as I say to myself, all the time.

Tournament day:

I was a little worried the day prior to the event, a few of our planned trips this year have been disrupted by engineering on the rail links within London. I checked the South East Rail website to find train times and the first thing I noticed was a yellow triangle over the route I needed warning of delays, thankfully this was resolved and I was able to plan my journey to South London.

I had challenged Mark prior to the event to try and get some revenge on his Ratkin slave army, however due to some last minute withdrawals and some late arrivals, my first opponent was Rusty and his Abyssal Dwarfs. At first I felt buoyed by this turn of events having played quite well against Abyssal Dwarf players in the past, but I was not ready for what I was about to face. After choosing side and setting up, I surveyed the army before me and noticed hordes of ‘Obsidian Golem’ and three mortars, at the time I thought the Golem would be my greatest threat, but had no idea what the mortars could do when firing on all cylinders. Rusty got the first turn and within the first round of shooting my regiment of knights were no more than a pile of twisted remains, with smoke drifting toward the heavens. The game pretty much followed this pattern, if his mortar were not demolishing my units, his Gargoyles were taunting them into a charge, knowing there would be explosive consequences should I actually rolled well against them. Despite these difficulties I didn’t entirely lose face, as the game ended quite close as far as the scenario score was concerned, however I was thoroughly shell shocked by the effectiveness of Rusty’s artillery.

2nd round I actually drew Mark, and was ready to deal some death to his scampering rodents. Sadly my army’s’ shooting was way off, and in the two rounds it took Marks warriors to engage mine, I barely scratched his units. Then his triple ‘Death Engine’ hit home and my left flank slowly crumbled. Luckily my right flank was giving as good as it got removing any unit that came at them. The object of this scenario was to claim different value objective tokens, I managed to rack up 3 points on my flank, however as Mark had destroyed my left, there was nothing to stop his rats also claiming the centre objective, the game had been much closure than my first, but I lost 3 points to 4.

Round 3 took some time to sort out, and somehow I was drawn against Rusty again. I felt quite some trepidation over this, having failed against the Abyssal Dwarfs in the 1st round, and although at the Reaper events you are not meant to swap repeated draws that occur within the final round, I was asked if I was okay with the draw, and to be fair Rusty is a fine opponent to play against, very open and honest, and an all-round nice chap, so I was happy to have a second crack at his army, after all it not like he could continue to roll those 5’s and 6’s, could he? … Yes, yes he could, in-fact whereas I had held my own through most of the first game, the second saw me totally tabled and ground into dust, it actually hurt. I kept rolling short of whatever roll I required and Rusty’s mortars just could not miss, even his Golem got into the action this time and despite pretty much being hindered on each charge, he scored well enough to finish of my straggling units.

By the end of the tournament, despite my poor results, thankfully I was not on the bottom of the table, a few places up, so no wooden spoon, #SilverLinings.

Future events:

My next event is run by the Kings of Herts, in Hemel Hempstead on 11th June. This will be another three game event at 2000 points per army, which I am looking forward to. Given my performance against Rusty’s dwarfs, I now see it as an obstacle to overcome, and have challenged Rusty to a 1st round re-match to see if I can overcome those horrible mortars, and regain some confidence. This event is now fully booked, so I won’t add a link to this post, but will try to report on it within a week or so post event.

My event, Roll out the barrels is taking place in Bethnal Green on Saturday 23rd of July:

And the next Bexley Reaper event will be the Clash of the Titans on the weekend of the 3rd September 2022:

Quick catch up

Good morning MoDers, I have yet again become tardy in my blog posting, not due to my usual apathy, but because work has had me really busy the past couple of months. I have managed to squeeze the odd game in and even travelled to 2 KoW events. So as a rather lazy post here is a photo dump of my recent games, where I have taken my Rhordians and/or Halflings against Ogres, Abyssal Dwarfs, Elves, Basileans, Undead, Night Stalkers and Ratkin slave armies:

Thrones and Halflings

Hello MoDers,

I don’t know about you, but I cannot believe that we are already at the end of February, it seems like only yesterday that we were raising a glass to the new year, and now the weather is warming up and the and the days are getting longer. Roll on Spring and the Summer.

My painting mojo started to wane in February, and the head way I was making on my Halflings stalled. I did kick-start this a little but purchasing the Halfling heroes pack from Mantic, and working on the Sauceror. I love this mini, as I find it full of character, and it was a pleasure to get her painted

My Halfling army is growing steadily, but has not yet reached the core I wish to start gaming with. So until then I will focus on my Rhordian’s, and bring in Halfling allies to try and work out how they play. Judging on yesterday’s performance I hope that this does not take me too long.

Yesterday I attended the ‘Throne of Ages’ at Tabletop Republic in High Wycombe. This was a three game tournament, at 2000 pts per army. There was a good turnout of familiar faces, which always fosters and friendly gaming environment. I love all the pre and mid-game chat. The organisers were very efficient, registering the players and kicking off game one in good time. In fact this appeared to run so smoothly all day, that we actually finished early, a rarity from my war-gaming experience. My opponents Justin (Undead), Chris (Undead) and Eddie (Basilea) were all fun to play against, but sadly my performance was somewhat lacking.

It is not so much the game results themselves, as my aim is always to have fun, and not focus upon the outcome. It’s more that when the victory eludes me, I focus upon my in game achievements; such as objective seized or kill points I have accrued. Despite using an army that performed much better at ‘Stane of War’ and in my non-tournament games this year, I really did not manage much. I just can’t tell what I’m getting wrong: army composition, pre-game strategy or in game tactics. It’s possibly a combination of these factors. I certainly cannot blame dice rolls as these were really working for me. I am sure I will work it out eventually.

Next up Kings of War at Explode a Con at the end of March 2022:

Stane of War III

Hello MoDers, yes don’t worry I am feeling well, no temperature or other symptoms, and yet here is a 2nd blog not only in the same month, but nigh on within a week of my last one.

Yesterday I was in Carshalton (Surrey) for my first tournament of 2022. ‘Stane of War III’, the event that was the main focus of my last Blog. In the end I decided to go with a Rhordian and Halfling alliance:

(Rhordia) Duke of Ancient winged Aralez, 2 hordes of Honour Guard, a regiment of Halfling Knights, a Pole Arm horde, a Handgun regiment, a Battle Shrine and a Wizard on Pegasus.

(Halflings) Sauceror, a Spearspike horde, and an Iron Beast.

The event was planned for three games at 55 minutes (each player) between 1100 and 1900 hrs.

My first game was with Elliot and his Elves, I was a bit nervous to see the Dragon he had brought along. I have played Elliot before and it was good to catch up as we played. Elliot had a spot of luck early on by shooting off my Battle Shrine in one round. I followed this up by causing his Dragon to waiver with one of my Honour Guard hordes, and taking him out the following turn. By turn three things were still pretty even, but started to turn in my favour. The scenario was ‘Loot’, and I was dominating the board where two of the tokens had been placed. Elliot’s archers, who had proven deadly accurate at the start of the game, were not having as much fortune the rest of the game although they had managed to remove my Hand Gunners and Halfling Knights. By turn 6 most the Elven units had been scattered and I had two of the loot counters, I would have had three if I had remembered that you can pick up and carry these markers, unlike those placed at objectives. Even though we rolled for a turn 7 there were few options left for Elliot and I actually managed to score my first win of the year, during my first game of the year.

Round two took place after lunch, and I was paired with Ian and his Empire of Dust. If the sight of an Elven Dragon made my heart lurch, the two Undead Wyrms in Ian’s army set it racing. However I was buoyed by my earlier victory, I was impetuous with my deployment and first turn charging head long at the bony horde across the table. I was about to be given a master class in the use of Surge, and why sometimes hanging back, and shooting is the more sensible option.  Even with this reckless strategy I started with some strong results and it was not until the loss of my Halfling Spearspikes that things fell apart, the loss of that horde saw my army start to crumble until all I had standing was my Regiment of Halfling knights on a 1 point token, and the Battle shrine nearby. I had some pride in at least claiming one objective point, but then turn 7 happened and all I could do was witness a skeleton unit gain surge from three different sources and crash into the flank of my already battle damaged Halflings. From my glorious victory earlier to ignominious defeat, it was definitely time for a cup of tea. I have to take my hat off to Ian, he know how and when to use the skills offered to the dusties to great effect and earned his victory.

After a short rest it was time for the third and last game of the event. This time I had drawn Mark of the Bexley Reapers, a thoroughly nice chap with a puncheon for choosing some crazy army lists. This time he had selected Ratkin Slaves, for 1995 points his army was large, I was heavily outnumbered with my 11 units. Mark sent his verminous hordes skittering across the table and I sent a volley of lead and lightening into their ranks, managing to heavily damage one regiment, but not much more. As the feculent rats continued their race toward my ranks, I sent a horde of Honour guard crashing into their flank, cutting down the mangy warriors, and learning exactly what a slaves last gasp truly meant, as in their dying frenzy the inflicted five wounds upon my knights. With these exploding units I knew that to rid the table top of this furry plague I would expose my own soldiers to further damage. However my Honour Guard manged to stay in the grind soon to be joined by the battle shrine and Halfling knights, had this been the only threat my Rhordians may have been victorious, however Mark had also selected a trio of death machines that working as a team, rammed through my lines and started to chew upon the supporting units in in my deployment area. There seemed to be little I could do to stop these machines. The objective of this round was to have as many surviving units within twelve inches of the centre point of the table, as the minutes ticked down we started to try and move as many units as we could toward the scoring zone. Mark skilfully prevented my other horde of Honour Guard entering the fray inches short of the target, and with no round 7 taking place due to time restrictions this hulking unit was prevented from helping my score line. I could still pull a draw, all I needed was for my Duchess and Wizard to remove the only Ratkin slave regiment still standing upon the hill, but the failed spectacularly, and the victory was Marks. Down to the wire, and hard fought and incredibly fun game.

Overall it was an exhausting but very enjoyable day. I am really looking forward to my next event, which should be The Throne of Ages at the Table Top Republic in High Wycombe:

Stane 2022

Happy January MoDers, I hope that 2022 is going well for you. I am writing an early blog this year, I cannot promise that I will maintain this enthusiasm, although I hope that I will.

Next Saturday, COVID dependant of course, should be my first tournament of the year, ‘Stane of Blood III’. This will be a three game event set at 1995 pts per army. I hope to get to a number of tournaments this year, not due to the sudden development of a heavily competitive streak, with a hunger to win at any given opportunity, my gaming skills are not in any way good enough to sustain that desire. No, I wish to go to more events because they are my primary source of playing ‘Kings of War’, not only that, there is often a welcome atmosphere of camaraderie at these meet ups, that amplifies the enjoyment of attending and taking part. To that end I have signed up for three tournaments so far this year, and hope to add a few more. You can find details of UK based ‘Kings of War’ at the Masters website:

This year, as I said previously I am starting my Halflings, they will be my main army, not that I am going to neglect my other factions, which will be a welcome distraction when/if I get bored painting Purple and Blue over and over.

I have actually dropped the ball as far as ‘Stane of Blood’, is concerned and so one of these factions will have to come to my aid, as the main force, using Halflings as allies. Hopefully I will start to learn how best to use the little guys. Not yet sure who to approach for an alliance, it will probably either the Dwarfs or the League of Rhordia. Hopefully by the time my next tournament comes around, my Halflings will be the dominant faction and might even be able to go it alone. We’ll see.