Fayre times festival

For fans of British medieval culture and fantasy comes the long awaited Fayre Times Festival. Held at Barleylands in Billericay, Essex. This promises to be a fun family day for all with an interest in History, fantasy and even sport (Yes, there’s an archery contest)

Please take time to check out the site: http://www.fayretimesfestival.co.uk/ and maybe visit the festival.

Golfort Kraus

This post is about the last set of Warhammer table top games I played, it was a mini campaign run in a couple of days, and took place in March and April, I have not had the time to play since that, and my good friend and regular playing partner has moved away from the UK, so I’m not sure when I shall get to roll the dice again.

The game

I called the game Golfort Kraus, it is about a feuding town on the outskirts of the Empire, as set in the Games Workshop ‘Warhammer World.’ The town is located within a marshy area with a valuable seem of river gold over which the North and South side of the town have been fighting for decades.

The town is in stale mate with neither side gaining the upper hand for any significant period of time. The best leaders are now either very old or dead, and both sides are intent on settling the matter. They have sent out for assistance, and this has come in the form of a passing hero and his retinue.

Players were tasked to find a special hero level character they would like to play with (who came fully equipped for free) and allowed 250 points to spend on a any core or special infantry unit to act as the hero’s unit. They were also given 500 points to spend on core empire troop to represent the towns folk (no heroes or special equipment for these peasants).

Due to the low point forces there was a lot of terrain which included a river, marsh land, woods, hills, a town and a bridge.


There were two pathways to victory, either annihilate the other side or have the move units with 5 or more models within 10 inches of the town centre, after D3 +2 turns (giving at least 3 rounds per game, allowing for more games to take place):


(Above the initial set up of the board)

The players selected the following heroes and units:

Josef Bugman + 14 fully equipped Longbeard Dwarven rangers

Khorhil of the white lions + 14 White Lions of Chrace

Lumpin Croop + 29 Halfling archers (inluding Neddy Hamfist the banner bearer) Due to his lack of special weapons or rules, Croop was allowed a sword or might and potion of fool hardiness.

Gor-Rok + 19 Saurus warriors

Each player was to face one another once, and the results were entered onto a table.

As phys reps each player used their own figures to represent the empire troops, here’s some pics of the game:




JB XX V   V   D

Kh L   XX V   V

LC L   L   XX V

GR D   V   L   XX

Key: JB – Josef Bugman          Kh – Khorhil

    LC – Lumpin Croop          GR – Gor-Rok

XX – No game          V – Victory

D – draw           L – Lose

So it was victory to my Josef Bugman thanks to his sturdy Longbeards and their trusty throwing axes.

Khorhil claimed second place, whilst Gor-Rok had a surprising loss to Lumpin Croop who’s fighting cocks made their arrows tell during this game.

Each player had managed 3 games in two afternoons, and fun was had by all, even Lumpin Croop’s player, the beer may have helped there. Infact we had a lovely drop from ‘London Fields Brewery’ called ‘Love not war’ a very nice red ale.