Projects and Solo Gaming

Well I have been a busy man, and yet again neglected my Blog. Truth is with all the things I have to do in life, there is not always time for the fun stuff, it gets pushed right down the list of priorities and into a fractured list of its own, I’m often left with only ½ and hour in the day to focus on a past time, and that’s usually at a time when I have no drive to do anything other than sit and stare.

This being the case I have a number of projects I have been working on, and have decided to set a few targets to achieve by the end of the year.

There are four painting projects that I’d dearly love to complete, the most recent of these is my Lothern Sky Cutter, this is coming on, but fatigue and general apathy continue to hamper my efforts.


The other project I’d like to complete are my:

Ostland Halberdiers.


Bugmans cart.


Dwarf hammer unit.


I have been working on a system for solo table top game playing. I want to develop a system that take any bias out of the game play by having even the simplest decisions made by the role of the dice. I have a loose system of rules that I used to play a small game of Warhammer Fantasy yesterday (yes I actually found the time somewhere). It worked out well, but there are some definite areas of improvement to look into, total dice domination may not be the way to go; as one of the units just strolled away from the action and wandered off field.

The game itself a High Elf Vs Empire skirmish was quite fun, despite the lack of companionable chatter and beer you get when you play with another person. The game resulted in a complete slaughter fest with the Empire Captain being the last man standing, full plate armour being the saviour of the day.  


As I develop this playing system I shall update the blog with other battle reports.


2 thoughts on “Projects and Solo Gaming

  1. I’m trying to do a unit a month, so far just about keeping up. Next month is my reward, some single figures! Did you back Alex’s Arcworlde? Some of the bits look good. an upcoming Kickstarter to look out for is Creature Caster, some big gribblys.

  2. I certainly feel you there. I’ve only just started painting again after a month or more of that same apathy and after-work tiredness. I’ve got a unit of elves that probably only need 2 hours more work on them to be done, and they’ve been that way for about 2 weeks now.. just the thought of touching them… bleugh.
    Maybe I’ll force myself today and make use of the holiday.

    I guess… pick the one that appeals most to you as the target of your brush.

    I am intrigued by the solo rules, though. I’d like to see how they develop.

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