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Hi MoDers,

Hope all is well.

Just thought I’d drop a quick post about some rather good fantasy / historical / gaming type of events planned in the UK this year. This is not a concise list, just four that I either attend regularly, have attended in the past, or plan to attend in the near future.

The first up is not too far away, and I may not get there due to work commitments. However Saturday 12th April 2014 see SALUTE 2014 at London Excel. I have been to Salute since about 2004, when my very dear friend Nik Green of ‘Grumpy old tin’ introduced me to the convention that is a huge mix of stalls, participation games, demo / display games, people dress as all sundry characters from Storm Troopers to Cybermen. Salute run organised and staffed by the ‘South London Warlords’ is a heady mixed of Fantasy and Sci-Fi, with a good pinch of historical for an all-rounded atmosphere. There are painting stands and the official painting competition. And I should not forget the bring and buy sale good opportunity of making some dough or picking up a bargain or two. This will be the first Salute that Nik does not attend as he has moved to Austria, but if I can go I should be able to catch up with to other regular attendees and good friends Nick and Marc, this is them at a previous Salute:


Newham-20130420-00196 Newham-20130420-00227

Hot on the heels of Salute comes DICENI on Sunday 4th May at the Forum in Norwich. I have not been to this one yet, so cannot wax lyrical about it, however it seems to have the same reliable mix found at Salute and I’m sure is just fun to attend, I really want to go, Mrs Mug ‘O’ Dice might think its too many conventions to close together and I’m already too much of a Geek already, apparently:

download (3) images (2)

Next up is less a games convention an more of a live action experience involving knights, cavaliers and world war soldiers, there is a good mix of games and competitions and what best is it takes the whole weekend, I am ofcourse writing about the FAYRE TIMES FESTIVAL 2014 held on September 20th – September 21st at The Royal Gunpowder Mills, Waltham Abbey. As well as the usual mix of vendors and hobby displays you can watch battle take place and take part in an Archery contest. It is a great family day out so work had better not get in the way this time:

images images (1)

Finally we are back to the indoor conventions with SELWG 2014 which is held at Crystal Palace on 12th October. I have been to this and although it is not as big as Salute, I feel it is somewhat more cosy, there is still a good amount of traders and demo games, but at the end of the day you will have done the rounds a few times and not have the feeling that you are somehow missing something that can accompany your departure from Salute. The bring and buy is here too as it is the South East London War Gamers who organise it:

Bromley-20121014-00117     Bromley-20121014-00120

There are of course other conventions, events and tournament that I’m sure are equally as much fun. If you can think of any then please feel free to comment.



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