Events update…

Hello MODers,

Yes I know, I seem to have gone post mad, this being my third in April.

I just wanted to say that having missed SALUTE 2014 because of work, and having being told ‘No,’ when I asked about going to Norwich for the day for ‘Diceni’ my wife not the most understanding about anything Geek related, I am all the more determined to make it to SELWG 2014 on October 12th 2014, I’m not scheduled to work and it’s London based.

I missed SELWG last year and although it is not as big as SALUTE; I feel that it is somehow warmer, friendlier than its counterpart. There are a good number of traders, demo and participation games and of course the bring and buy sale. It is held at Crystal Palace in the National Sports Centre, between 10:00 – 16:00 and only costs £6 entry fee, so if I manage to sell some old gear, I can cover my costs easily. I am totally focused on trying to make this event, if I get there you can expect a post and plenty of pictures.

Here’s some from 2012:


Kickstarter up-date

Hello MODers,

I had a nice suprise waiting for me when I got home today, my ‘Lords of War’ kickstarter reward arrived, a pack of the new ‘Templars Vs Undead’:


I first played this turn based, strategy card game at Salute 2013 with the ‘Dwarf VS Orcs’ set. This was fun but I did not get around to buying a set, since then ‘Black box games’ have release a ‘Elves Vs Lizardmen’ set and now the kickstarter set. Sadly I don’t get to game very often these days, but hope I’ll get some use out of them. In the mean time feast your eyes on these cards:

IMAG0082 IMAG0086 IMAG0083 IMAG0084 IMAG0085

Kickstarter returns

Having recently received a batch of goodies from one of the Kickstarter projects that I backed late last year, I thought I’d take a few pic to show my rewards. I hope to get these boys painted up soon to show them in all their glory:

1397138961150 13971389888761397139024010

These were part of Bob Olley’s Steampunk & Victorian scArunts bid and I was mightily impressed with the sculpts he had planned and just had to support him

I am still awaiting rewards on other products that I backed, but it is good to know that they all reached / exceeded their funds target. Other project that I backed last year:


I look forward to backing other Kickstarters in the future.