Kickstarter returns

Having recently received a batch of goodies from one of the Kickstarter projects that I backed late last year, I thought I’d take a few pic to show my rewards. I hope to get these boys painted up soon to show them in all their glory:

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These were part of Bob Olley’s Steampunk & Victorian scArunts bid and I was mightily impressed with the sculpts he had planned and just had to support him

I am still awaiting rewards on other products that I backed, but it is good to know that they all reached / exceeded their funds target. Other project that I backed last year:


I look forward to backing other Kickstarters in the future.

4 thoughts on “Kickstarter returns

  1. I like Bob’s work, I have examples from his GW days plus his skeleton cavalry from Essex. But his Scrunts have never tempted me.
    Have you had had any updates on Arcworlde? I had a problem on the funding and Alex said he would let me know near the time so I could still join in. I’m currently painting a unit of his Albionican Empire Troops.
    A Kickstarter to look out for is Creature Caster. He is the guy who did the Ultraforge models, the big giant and the giant tree-woman, that I have. He is aiming to do some HUGE gribbly beasts. The project goes live next saturday 17:00 your time with some extra special early bird deals. No-eye-deer what though.
    The Heresy dragon that I backed about four(?) years ago is slowly getting into production.
    Another Kickstarter, although not your mug of sour yak’s milk, is MaxMini’s WW2 American Orcs and Grots.

  2. Hi Nik, Yes I like Bob’s work.

    Not sure on Alex’s posting date’s, I mean to ask him if he’ll do SELWG this year, they’re adviertising it as their biggest yet.

    I’ll take a look at Creature Caster. One you may be interested in is: Darklands: First Edition II (Mierce Miniatures) they have some cool ideas based on Ancient Britain (Although too fond of the Scots if you ask me, seems to be their main race). They have already met their target, but there’s still 11 days to get on board.

  3. That’s a quick turnaround by Bob! Credit to him in getting something out the door that quickly. I like *some* of his sculpts, but in general I’m not a fan. He’s a bit of a Vegemite sculptor in general. (I guess you would call it “Marmite.”)

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