Events update…

Hello MODers,

Yes I know, I seem to have gone post mad, this being my third in April.

I just wanted to say that having missed SALUTE 2014 because of work, and having being told ‘No,’ when I asked about going to Norwich for the day for ‘Diceni’ my wife not the most understanding about anything Geek related, I am all the more determined to make it to SELWG 2014 on October 12th 2014, I’m not scheduled to work and it’s London based.

I missed SELWG last year and although it is not as big as SALUTE; I feel that it is somehow warmer, friendlier than its counterpart. There are a good number of traders, demo and participation games and of course the bring and buy sale. It is held at Crystal Palace in the National Sports Centre, between 10:00 – 16:00 and only costs £6 entry fee, so if I manage to sell some old gear, I can cover my costs easily. I am totally focused on trying to make this event, if I get there you can expect a post and plenty of pictures.

Here’s some from 2012:



2 thoughts on “Events update…

  1. Looks like a great day (weekend?). Be sure and update us and take lots of pics when you get there. We have nothing like the UK scene out here in Australia, so it’s always great to see pictures and read commentary!

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