Routine, music and results.

I think I’m correct in assuming that we all have our little rituals prior to actually starting a painting session. I certainly do, there is a certain water pot that I have to use, which I find, wash and place on a paint mixing tray. Then I get my paint box, and set out all the brushes and the colours I’m going to start with. I place my drying mat and a few sheets of kitchen roll to take excess paint off the brush, and dry water from the bristles. Next I take my favourite pint pot, and carefully pour in some nicely chilled ale, but only half way, I don’t want to finish it too quickly. Then I select my painting music, I tend to have a pre-selected list specifically for my session, I find that I just cannot paint in absolute silence. In fact I even find that some tunes inspire me as I mix, shade and layer the different paints to whichever model I am working on. Any music is good, but I find I get into my zone most easily when listening to classical music. I chop and change the songs on my list to shake things up but I say my top five regulars has to be:


Once Upon A Time In The West – Man with the Harmonica – Ennio Morricone    

Dances with Wolves – John Barry

For the Love of a Princess – James Horner

The Armed Man – Karl Jenkins     

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – Tan Dun


Only with all this set up and my tunes playing softly in the background can I focus on the project in hand.


All this brings me to my latest completion; it has taken a long time, apathy being my greatest enemy. Here is my Lothern Skycutter:

100_0415 100_0417 IMAG0214 IMAG0216

This particular babies head was wetted with a fine ale from kent brewery Shepherd Neame:


A very nice drop.


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