Basing the present

And so, I finally get to a point where I can base O’scar’s Birthday present. There are still some touch up’s to be done on the warrior, but I thought it was time for him to be standing on his own two feet. I have painted the Chaos Warrior to look old, a soldier who has been fighting for decades and survived all that the Chaos wastes can throw at him. There is something of a tarnished, rusty look, and so I decided that an Autumnal base would fit him best.

I painted two layers of brown on to the plastic base:


Then a random pattern of PVA:




Leaf fall:


Warrior meets base:


Standing and awaiting the finishing strokes:



My brother has been showing Oscar the progress reports and I’m told that there is a very excited young lad really looking forward to the arrival of his chaos champion.

Birthday present the third

I thought that it was high time for an update on the Chaos Champion I’m painting for my Nephew Oscar. I know it is taking me a while but many things get in the way of a good painting session these days, anyway we are approaching end game with this, and I now have a deadline set, as my older brother and Oscar are coming to visit on 21st August. As you can see the figure is now based but needs the finishing touches, and the base itself needs working on:



Kick Starter:

Also thought I’d update my project funding bids, I recently backed an art sculpt by Joek Minis based on Paul Bonner’s ‘Trolls of Trudvang’, the actual diorama of three adventurers approaching a large troll on a rock looked beautiful (as fantasy sculpts go) and I wanted to fund as best I could in my limited financial circumstance, so went for a package that saw me rewarded with a small troll which when assembled will look like this:

Small troll


I’m rather pleased with the completed project and look forward to painting it as soon as possible.


I try to back talented British independent mini sculptors when I can, so when Infamy Miniatures released a Kick Starter campaign, ‘Welcome to the big smoke’ a steam punk based skirmish game, I had to make a bid, again at a low level. I hope the campaign succeeds, you can check it out here:

A fine skirmish

I enjoyed my game at ‘Dark Sphere’ last month so much; that I have decided to try and make a regular thing of it. My tri weekly work pattern means every third Monday I should be able to get a game. Hopefully I will become reacquainted with the rules once more and maybe hit the tournament circuit once again. I’m not sure if I’m guaranteed an opponent every time, but I have already met a bunch of great people who have also been bitten by the Warhammer Fantasy bug.

For this game I decided to shake the dust off my Dwarfs and put the new army book through its paces. My opponent, a friendly gamer called ‘Daniel’ who was thankfully up to speed with the 8th ed rules; brought a beautifully painted High Elf army, so it was a great opportunity to strike a grudge from the old book and put the aloof sons of Asuryan back in their place.

After Daniel finished basing up, I was relieved to see that he had not brought any cavalry, but the sight of a lion chariot and two repeater bolt throwers was enough to make me pause for breath. The main thing that struck me about his force was how well it was painted, my dwarf models are old and not all completely painted, ‘damn my lazy streak’, but there was a beauty in his figures that seemed to make them shine like the glittering host they were representing.

We rolled for a scenario from the rulebook, which is not something I normally do; preferring to go straight for an open engagement or writing my own scenarios. We got ‘Meeting engagement’ which divides the table diagonally with a 12” no man’s land. Set up is decided by the role of the dice, each unit is rolled for on a D6, and any units for which you role a 1 do not come on during the set up phase but come into play as reinforcements later. Luck was with the High Elves on set up as all units passed, however I think that in my army both the fighting infantry units, an Iron Breaker horde and a Dwarf Warriors armed with great weapons must have found a few kegs of ‘Bugman’s XXX’, as they failed to turn up for the start.

After this however the tables turned as the dice gods were kind to me but not so good to Daniel, who didn’t have one successful magic phase, and although his elves aim during the shooting phase was true, they must have bought their arrow heads from the rubber emporium. The game wnet to 4 rounds and ended with victory for my sons of Grungi. Daniel was not without his successes however as his Sword Masters slaughtered my Warrior unit, taking out a T5 Runesmith, in one round of combat. When they tried the same trick with the Iron Breakers things weren’t so good for the Elves.

If the Sword Masters were man of the match for the High Elves, then the unit of choice for the Dwarfs had to be my duo of Gyrocopters, who weathered a storm of magic and arrow to caused havoc and sow mayhem amongst the pointy eared foe. The combination of steam gun and Brimstone gun proved a useful tool.

IMAG0569     IMAG0574



Results aside, I had a really enjoyable game with a fantastic opponent. Sadly again due to the game taking place in a shop there was a total absence of beer, but I was able to make amends for that on the way home, by stopping off at the local supermarket: