Birthday present the third

I thought that it was high time for an update on the Chaos Champion I’m painting for my Nephew Oscar. I know it is taking me a while but many things get in the way of a good painting session these days, anyway we are approaching end game with this, and I now have a deadline set, as my older brother and Oscar are coming to visit on 21st August. As you can see the figure is now based but needs the finishing touches, and the base itself needs working on:



Kick Starter:

Also thought I’d update my project funding bids, I recently backed an art sculpt by Joek Minis based on Paul Bonner’s ‘Trolls of Trudvang’, the actual diorama of three adventurers approaching a large troll on a rock looked beautiful (as fantasy sculpts go) and I wanted to fund as best I could in my limited financial circumstance, so went for a package that saw me rewarded with a small troll which when assembled will look like this:

Small troll


I’m rather pleased with the completed project and look forward to painting it as soon as possible.


I try to back talented British independent mini sculptors when I can, so when Infamy Miniatures released a Kick Starter campaign, ‘Welcome to the big smoke’ a steam punk based skirmish game, I had to make a bid, again at a low level. I hope the campaign succeeds, you can check it out here:


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