Basing the present

And so, I finally get to a point where I can base O’scar’s Birthday present. There are still some touch up’s to be done on the warrior, but I thought it was time for him to be standing on his own two feet. I have painted the Chaos Warrior to look old, a soldier who has been fighting for decades and survived all that the Chaos wastes can throw at him. There is something of a tarnished, rusty look, and so I decided that an Autumnal base would fit him best.

I painted two layers of brown on to the plastic base:


Then a random pattern of PVA:




Leaf fall:


Warrior meets base:


Standing and awaiting the finishing strokes:



My brother has been showing Oscar the progress reports and I’m told that there is a very excited young lad really looking forward to the arrival of his chaos champion.


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