Fantastic Friday

Last Friday (01/08/2014) was a rather fantastic day, not only did I find a bar that serves a huge variety of crafted real ale and locally resourced pork pie, thick with meat and served with lashings of homemade piccalilli. But I had also managed to arrange a game at Dark Sphere, for the highest points value I have played in a long while.

Wanstead Tap is a bit of a cross between a Deli, bar and café. Located in Winchelsea Road, Forest Gate, London. They serve a variety of beers from local micro-breweries, and London seems to be able to boast a plethora of them, as my rather blurred pictures show. The range is steadily growing to include ciders, soft drinks and caffeinated beverages. They serve a rich line of pork related snacks which I could not resist, and Friday is their special ‘Pork pie’ day where a local man makes delicious pork pie that is so popular it does not last much past the lunch time rush.

IMAG1010 IMAG1012 IMAG1014_1

If you’re not of the meaty persuasion there is also a vegetarian option. I certainly plan to return, and after her slice of tiffin cake, my wife wants to know when we can go again. The ‘Tap’ is family centred and therefore child friendly, so if you are in the area; check it out, you won’t regret it. You might want to check out their web page:

Dwarfs Vs Lizardmen 2500 pts:

‘Alric Bronzetooth viewed the scene before him with some trepidation. He had mustered the clans after news that a huge army of Greenskins were headed toward Ulriks-Haffen a small town just south of his stronghold; and with which they had strong trade links. But the information from the human scouts had been faulty, yes there were creatures here with green skin, but there were also plenty with blue, orange and various shades of brown. He had hoped to strike a few grudges against some Orc and Goblin necks, but these were clearly Lizardmen and a long way from home, he had no previous dealings with these creatures, but they threatened an ally and an oath is a Dwarfs bond, so if it was a fight these lizards wanted, that’s exactly what they’d get.’

My opponent had an impressive army, a large amount of Saurus and Skink warriors, but also two Stegadons, and a Slann mage priest. Most of his Skinks were skirmished with those dastardly blow pipes that shoot poisonous darts, and he had 4 units of 3 Terradons, I knew these would be a problem if not dealt with quickly. I found the lack of Kroxigors and Salamanders strange for a Lizardman army of this points level, but it is nice to see different armies in use.


I went with a horde of Iron Breakers into which I slipped my general the Thane Alric Bronzetooth, and as I expected a magic storm, I added a Rune Lord. These were supported by two units of 20 warriors each with a Rune Smith for magic defence and armour piercing. To cover these troops from distance and to weaken the oncoming forces, I selected Thunderers, Quarellers, 2 Bolt throwers, 1 Stone Thrower and a cannon, all runed up.


My dwarf artillery did its job well, but it can be boring for everyone if you just stand back and shoot. I have recently changed my style of play. I to be more conservative, play the gun-line and preserve my troops. My new method of play is just to throw the troops right into the press. I arm them up as much as possible, and this is proving a much more exciting and action packed stlye of gaming, with some surprising results. My Iron Breaker horde with 2 supporting units of warriors made short work of my opponent’s Skink Skirmishers. My IB’s somehow got themselves into and then out of the jaws of a well-planned trap. The surprise of the game for me was when the warriors with great weapons, finished off the temple guard and Slann Mage in combat. It was not all one sided, my other units of Dwarf Warriors were laid waste by a very angry Stegadon. And my gyrocopter with the ‘Brimstone gun’ was torn asunder by vengeful Terradons. However with the loss of their general the Lizardmen army had no choice but to concede.

IMAG1025 IMAG1028 IMAG1030 IMAG1036

Of course when I got home I had to toast the Dwarf victory with a well-earned beer, purchased from Wanstead tap:



2 thoughts on “Fantastic Friday

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  2. Congrats all around! Sounds like the Tap is quite the find. As for playing against Lizardmen, don’t expect to see many kroxigor at any serious level of play anytime soon. The general consensus is that they are overcosted (they are) and take up sacred Special points. That said, I run them in units of skinks to beef them up a bit, but then they count towards core, so 1-2 in a skink cohort is a decent combat block.

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