Iron drakes, Savage battles and Amber ale

Good gosh, September has all but flown past, it has been a turbulent month with some fantastic ups and major downs, but time I think for an update.

I have made some head way with my Iron Drake unit, I’m not keen on batch painting, and with only 10 in the unit you may say that its hardly batch painting, but at my painfully slow pace, more than one counts as a batch. I had started these guys prior to my nephew’s visit, but having failed to complete them, I only took the brush to them again last Wednesday. Due to the large amount of detail and fiddly bit on these new sculpts I have tried painting them in the frame before assembly, and now I at that point, I don’t think it was too bad an idea, although they are still a long way from complete, here they are so far:





There was the prospect of at least three games over the past two weeks, but due to work and other such irritations, this was whittled down to one game, but what a battle it was, a 1500 pts brawl that ended in a close run victory to my opponent.

Dwarfs Vs Orcs & Goblins. On his side there were trolls, savage orcs, black orcs and night goblins, whereas I had selected Miners, Slayers, and an Organ gun to accompany my regular Dwarf warriors. I had high hopes as generally I have good success against green skins, but due to me forgetting important new rules; and listening to my oppos suggestions I undermined this normal winning streak.

Still it was a very enjoyable game, with one of the longest personal challenges I’ve taken part in between a Black orc big boss and a Dragon slayer. Daniel Read yet again proved a knowledgeable and fun person to play against, and I look forward to the new time I get to roll the dice against his rather exquisitely painted orcs:







When I got home I treated myself to a nice drop of amber ale made by the ‘Wychwood’ brewery specifically for ‘Morissons’: