Hello MODers,

I was all set to go to the long awaited SELWG 2014, I had filtered through my collection to see what could be sold at the bring and buy (never an easy decision), decided which merchant stalls I was most interested in visiting and which participation games I would try and have a go on, and then fate intervened, my wife who was away from home and due to get back the night before the event was stricken with an awful stomach bug, so I had our daughter to look after who is not the most patient of souls and probably would not enjoy being in a sports hall packed with war gaming enthusiasts. So I have totally failed in visiting any of the events I typed about earlier in the year.


This makes me more adamant than ever to attend SALUTE 2015 next year and I WILL book the day off in advance to enable this.

To cheer myself up about being unable to get to SELWG this year, I came up with a game scenario, and tried out my solo gaming rules as I put together an army of sell swords to fend off an attack by the noble High Elves.

Midas Goldgather is a fierce dwarf warrior and leader of the Mercenary group ‘The flowing coffers’ a name denoting an army well paid for their services. Recently Midas has looked at less scrupulous means of filling his pockets, and has lead several raids on areas believed the previous sites of Elven cities that stood before the ‘War of the beard’. Midas has no love of the elves and see’s his actions as little more than reclaiming lost dwarf treasures, which he can lucratively pass to the highest bidder. His actions have not gone un-noticed and Captain Aeneas Swiftwind of Lothern is hot on Midas’s heels following his latest raid.

The board was 6 by 4 feet, and the armies had to set up within 12 inches along the 4 foot edge, facing each other.

The objective is for the attacking side, the High Elves (this could easily be substituted by another Warhammer army), to either totally destroy the opposition or assault the Dogs of war position, and have at least three remaining units within the enemy deployment zone, showing that they have captured the compound.  This had to be achieved within D3+3 turns. I rolled 1 giving me 4 rounds of game time.

The side were as follows:

Dogs of war:  General (Midas), Lv2 Hirling witch (Shadow), Lv Hirling witch (Celestial), Pay master, 2 body guards, 10 Halfling archers, 1 Halfling hot pot, 6 Light cavalry, 3 Ogres, 10 Duellist, 1 Giant, 1 bull Taurus.

IMAG1551 IMAG1544

High Elves: Noble (Aeneas) on war griffon, Lv4 Mage (High), 5 Shadow warriors, 1 Lothern sky-cutter, 19 Sea guard, 20 High Elf Archers (split into 2 units), 1 Eagle claw bolt thrower, 10 White lions, 5 Reavers knights.

IMAG1552 IMAG1555

With the dice making most of the decisions, a lot of the moves made on both side seemed quite logical, both sides closing on each other trying to engage but also looking for a flank advantage. First blood went to the Dogs as the Halflings needing 7’s to hit, felled two of the shadow warriors. Magic was interesting throughout the Hirling witches proving more than capable, The mounted celestial witch squashed 4 archers with the comet of Cassandora, and the Grey witch smote three Reavers, but wounded herself in the process. The high elf mage put ‘The hand of glory’ to good use.

IMAG1561_BURST002 IMAG1569

The first big clashes saw the cavalry finish of the shadow warriors, and the Giantess (Long tall Sally) smash the sky-cutter to matchwood, before combined fire from the bolt thrower and archers turned her into a pin cushion. After to heavy losses the skill of the Asur started to shine through and the white lions together with their noble leader dispatched the ogre man-eaters, and bull Taurus.


If you were to add up the points at the end you would probably award the victory to the elves, however, they failed as far as the objective is concerned, and so Midas lived to steal another day.

My battle beer of choice following this game was a Marstons Stout, which had a lovely velvety texture and burnt hoppy after taste, very nice.