Bear up date, and some other stuff too

Been a while since I last stroked the keyboard to add a blog, and so I decided it was long over due.

I have no finished projects to share on this occasion, I’ve kind of stalled with the Iron Drakes, and have taken up a between projects project that will go into my Empire Halberdier unit. Those that have read previous editions will know I have been looking for and eventually tracked down a bear to act as a unit filler for my horde of Halderdier ‘The Blue Bear Old-boys’, I have made some progress with this, but there is still some work to go:





IMAG1827 IMAG1828 IMAG1830 IMAG1832

I have decided to add this saucy little number from ‘Raging Hereos’ as my Empire Witch Hunter, when painted up she will also join the Halberdiers:


No beer pic this time I’m afraid, as I have not been too well and I’m on anti bi’s etc to try and shake the illness. I actually came down with it about 3 weeks ago now, and it’s dragging me down hill. Should be on the up now, but a little tip, don’t play Warhammer when your not feeling too well, it really can effect your game, sorry about that Daniel Reid.


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