Quick bear update

Hello MODers,

Those of you who have read more that one of my posts will know I’ve slowly been working on a Warhammer Fantasy Empire Halberdier unit called ‘The Blue Bear Old Boys’ Named after the large Inn where the soldiers signed up, this unit was in desperate for a centre piece to make it stand out, and I thought why not put together a mascot/unit filler, and what better mascot than their name sake.

Well it has taken me some time, not because I have worked on it solidly, but because really life just gets in the way. But he is now complete and is not only a unit filler, but the regimental musician sits atop the beast.




Overall I think it works well, and am happy with it. Except for the riders face, no matter what I tried with this, he kept on looking like ‘Beaker’ from the ‘Muppets’, this aside, I think I’m happy with it.

First for 2015

Hello M’O’Ders,

My first post of the year is a little late, I had plans to compose and post a blog on the first day in January, but I was a little distracted. I am now trying to catch up with what will be a brief post, before January runs away from me and we end up in the middle of February.

Resolutions, I normally make it a rule not to make any resolutions at New Year, but this year I went the opposite way and make a list. One of the tasks I have set myself is to try an type a blog at least once a month, and therefore be more regular, hence my quick effort now.

My main aim for the year is to spend more time with my wife and daughter, sometimes at weekends after a tough week at work, I find myself quite lethargic, and don’t really want to get involved in anything. My wife will ask me if I’d like to go to some local child centred activity, I usually let her get on with is, and get on with some web surfing or TV watching whilst I enjoy the relative peace of a kiddie free abode. However I have decided with 40 around the corner that I need to join in more and make good family memories more often and not just during holiday times. This will mean a little less computer time but my eyes may thank me for that.

I have decided to get at least one game of Warhammer fantasy a month, if I manage that then I should double the amount of games I got in 2014. Linked to this is a resolution to finish of my bear, totally complete my halberdier unit, and my hammerers who have been waiting 3 years not to get past undercoat stage. More gaming, more painting, less zombie like sitting glued to facebook clicking like. In fact I have been made aware of two gaming clubs local to me, so I plan to get out a bit more in the evening to visit these, one is called H.A.T.E and stands for Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiasts and a local cafe ‘The creative biscuit’ is soon to be running a monthly gaming club to loads to look forward if I can get off my arse.

I had a nice surprise this week, a kickstarter I helped fund sent my reward through, it was ‘Black box games’, Lords of war Dwarf Vs Orcs expansion set:


I’m looking forward to playing this when the opportunity arises.

And finally Xmas was a bit of a dry time for me beer wise, it was all wine and sherry. But I got back on the bike this week with my first beer of 2015, I decided to go with a tried and tested favorite, ‘Hobgoblin’ a lovely ale that’s full of flavour: