Quick bear update

Hello MODers,

Those of you who have read more that one of my posts will know I’ve slowly been working on a Warhammer Fantasy Empire Halberdier unit called ‘The Blue Bear Old Boys’ Named after the large Inn where the soldiers signed up, this unit was in desperate for a centre piece to make it stand out, and I thought why not put together a mascot/unit filler, and what better mascot than their name sake.

Well it has taken me some time, not because I have worked on it solidly, but because really life just gets in the way. But he is now complete and is not only a unit filler, but the regimental musician sits atop the beast.




Overall I think it works well, and am happy with it. Except for the riders face, no matter what I tried with this, he kept on looking like ‘Beaker’ from the ‘Muppets’, this aside, I think I’m happy with it.


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