My ‘Bugman’s cart’

Hello MODers,

Before the Warhammer fantasy 8th Ed Dwarf army book came out – I had on paper at least – an idea for a Bugman related army, lots of Rangers, and Miners to take the fight to the enemy. I probably will not be allowed to run that list now, which is a shame as I would have like to have seen how it works on the table top.

Being a dwarf army it was still going to need some kind of artillery. I had to come up with a way that would work with my theme. Then I remembered Bugman has a cart, what better way to lug heavy war-machines through the wilderness. After several minor heart attacks due to the cost of the real thing on Ebay, I decided to make my own Bugman’s cart. The idea of making it proved stronger than the reality, mainly because of my usual fight with fatigue and apathy, it has finally taken 2 1/2 years to complete. By Grungi I am slow:

Component parts:

100_0386 100_0391 100_0393



Project complete:

IMAG2715 IMAG2712 IMAG2709

I may need to highlight here and there, but I am quite happy with how this project has worked out. Sadly because its Lent I’ve nothing better to wet this baby’s head than a cup of Tetley tea, roll on Easter.

Quick paint job

Yesterday morning I woke up and thought ‘I want to paint something today’, so much was my enthusiasm to do this, that I had a good think about what to work on, while I enjoyed my morning cup of tea in bed. Like most war gamers/hobby painters I have a huge back log of models awaiting completion, but I was not tempted to touch these. I wanted to do something different that I could guarantee completing on the day, which would not end up as yet another half done paint job; waiting in a random box for that final lick of paint.

Back in 2013 I backed a rather good Kickstarter campaign that was run by Alex Huntley, a British independent sculptor and dare I say it games developer, who had already been producing some lovely miniatures through ‘Warploque miniatures’ and had come up with a rather nice idea for a skirmish game ‘Arcworlde’. In the lead up to the campaign he ran several competitions on ‘Facebook’ in-which if chosen at random, you and a friend of you choice would receive one of his sculpts. I was lucky enough to win one of his rather charming Wizards. Which arrived promptly, but then got shelved as many of my collection does. My mind was made up and that Mage was going to get a make over.


Now these days my weekends are not my own, I have a young child and she needs regular entertaining. My wife was off out for a swim and that put full onus of child care on me, but that is no issues as she loves the opportunity for a bit of a paint. She’s not quite up to miniature painting yet, but I’m working on that. I only had a small window open to get some painting done, so I decided to challenge myself and do a bit of speed painting. I filed, washed and under-coated the model, and then gave myself only 1 hour to get the basic colours on (with a tiny bit of detail work). I would then finish the model of with a good dip in a pot of ‘Quick shade’ by ‘The Army Painter’, my friend Nik Green introduced me to this stuff, and after experimenting with his ‘Dark Tone’ I purchased a pot of ‘Strong Tone’ for a lighter effect. This is actually the first time I put it to use, and I don’t think it did a bad job. Although I could use a bit more practice with it.


I am happy with the finished model, but think that ‘Quick Shade’ is probably best for troops of the line, where you don’t mind a few errors of heavy shading and lack of detail. This model could use a bit of extra work, the beard a glasses stand out to me as needing extra care, but overall I am happy whit how he turned out, especially after only an hours work. (Maybe 1 1/2 hours if you count the pre and dipping).


Of course I had to christen the old spell caster with a glass of the amber stuff, and was lucky enough to have a few bottles handy. I opened this rather charming golden pale ale from ‘Jennings Brewery – Cocker Hoop’ a nice refreshing drop.IMAG2629

Conventions 2015

After my dismal attempts last year to get to a convention of any variety. I am determined more than ever to get my arse in gear and put more action into my plans. With this in mind I have booked off Saturday 25th April 2015 to make sure that I will definitely attend SALUTE 2015. My aim on this day will be to add at least one entry into the paint contest, play a participation game of two, and not spend too much money, especially at the bring and buy table is sadly no longer part of the event.

images (2)

Other events that have peak my interest this year are:

Skirmish – Wargame – Toy soldier – Warhammer – Military modelling show – Sidcup in Kent – 15 March 2015

Diceni –  the Norwich based wargaming / cosplay convention. This year it takes place at the Norwich Forum on 3rd May 2015.

Fayre Times Festival –  September 19th – 20th 2015. Fayre Times Festival III, the role play / historical re-enactment weekend at The Royal Gunpowder Mills, Waltham Abbey, Essex, UK.

And of course the home of the ‘bring and buy’ – SELWG 2015 – 11th October 2015 – Crystal Palace sports centre, London.

A lot to look forward if I can shake off the lethargy that often surrounds me.