My ‘Bugman’s cart’

Hello MODers,

Before the Warhammer fantasy 8th Ed Dwarf army book came out – I had on paper at least – an idea for a Bugman related army, lots of Rangers, and Miners to take the fight to the enemy. I probably will not be allowed to run that list now, which is a shame as I would have like to have seen how it works on the table top.

Being a dwarf army it was still going to need some kind of artillery. I had to come up with a way that would work with my theme. Then I remembered Bugman has a cart, what better way to lug heavy war-machines through the wilderness. After several minor heart attacks due to the cost of the real thing on Ebay, I decided to make my own Bugman’s cart. The idea of making it proved stronger than the reality, mainly because of my usual fight with fatigue and apathy, it has finally taken 2 1/2 years to complete. By Grungi I am slow:

Component parts:

100_0386 100_0391 100_0393



Project complete:

IMAG2715 IMAG2712 IMAG2709

I may need to highlight here and there, but I am quite happy with how this project has worked out. Sadly because its Lent I’ve nothing better to wet this baby’s head than a cup of Tetley tea, roll on Easter.


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