Paint-off, Kickstarter & board games

It seems quite difficult to get myself to sit in front of the computer for a good old blog, but here I am again with an update for all of you ‘Mug O Dice’ followers.

In October I took part in an excellent painting competition, which came in time to give me something to focus on whilst I recovered from my hernia operation. ‘Gidran miniatures’ set some nice simple rules, to start with an unpainted Sci-fi or Steam punk dwarf mini, and by the end of the month have entered 5 photographs of the completed mini for judges to make a decision. ‘At last’ I thought an opportunity to use one of the lovely sculpts I earned as a kickstarter reward A Steam punk Scrunt (Dwarf) by Bob Olly. I used the full month to paint, repaint, touch up and detail, and the time put in netted me 2nd place, which I was very happy with, and I got a fantastic prize out of it too.

On the subject of Kickstarters, I’ve back a few good ones this past month, but one I’d like to mention, as they are still running, up until 3rd December that is. Talented sculptor Tim Prow has launched his ‘Die Hard Miniatures’ campaign, in which he is hoping to make some really lovely ‘Old hammer’ style models, including Snake men, Undead Minotaur, and cretinous Goblins. Follow this link to see what is on offer, and make a pledge of you can:

I had an opportunity to visit my brother Daniel and nephew Oscar in Cheltenham over the weekend, and the board games came out. I took ‘Cryptozoic’s’ Epic Spell Wars and we had quite a few hilarious rounds of blowing each other up. We played the new format of risk, on the mission level, apparently now you have to complete 4 different tasks at various levels to be able to claim victory. The markers now look like military models rather than stars and triangles, which adds to the atmosphere of the game. Finally we played ‘Lords of War’ with the Elves Vs Lizardmen pack, I had not played this for a while and it was nice to get a few rounds in.

Sadly no beer to talk about this time, the combination of medication I’m on means I’ve had to give beer a miss for a while, not a good mix apparently.