Good Day MoDers, It has been a long time since my last blog, mainly due to not getting much gaming in this year. I have completed some painting projects with two aims really, having enough units for the CLKoW June 2021 gaming day (Which) I just about managed, and building upon that to attend ‘Clash of Kings’ 2021 which takes place tomorrow. You may remember from a previous blog that in November 2020 I decided to convert much of my ‘GW Dwarf army’ for use in ‘Kings of War’ whilst also adding some ‘Mantic’ sculpted minis, such as the beautiful ‘Steel Behemoth’ to fit the new realm they would be playing in. This involved refreshing the painting on a number of models and painting other from scratch to bulk up the units, and because quite frankly they had been neglected for far too long. I already had a paint scheme to work with. Green with Red and mainly Bronze armour, so at least that decision was already made. By June my army looked like the first image, and went on to look like the second for tomorrow’s event: I have used my Dwarfs four times since June, which is the same amount of times that I have played Kings of War this year. They have performed quite well, except when I have become bored with my more tactically aware opponents not advancing beyond a few inches, blasting me with lightening, but no melee taking place and so charged a few units in, unsupported, just for the chance to roll some dice. My Dwarfs current record stands at W-1, D-1, L-2. Here are some of the games I have played. The targets that I set have really helped me cut into my lead/plastic pile, painting up 15 further unpainted metal ‘Iron Breakers’ 10 unpainted metal ‘Miners’ and 12 unpainted, mainly plastic ‘Hand gunners’. I am happy with the results, but have two more figures to finish before my Dwarf project comes to an end and I can start on my beloved ‘Halfling’, Mantic have produced a lovely range for their newest army. This was only intended as a brief catch up, as I have a train to catch. I hope to write up my experiences of CoK21, hopefully before I forget too much detail. Finally if you can make it come to North East London on Oct 17th 2021 for SELWG:

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