My Rhordia p3: Battling from distance.

Happy heatwave MoDers, This time in ghe mini series: My Rhordia (Not cannon) I will focus upon the town of Salsa, which is governed by the Thorne family, currently led by Baroness Rose Thorne.

Salsa is located in the southern most tip of La Cantina, at the base of an extinct volcano. The fields around the town are burgeoning with soft fruits and sun ripening vegetables, whilst the slopes of the volcano are littered with vineyards and olive groves.

Salsa’s main contribution to Rhordian warfare is through it’s archery schools and ballistics academy, which are both headed by Halfling Master Sergeant Lorne Moah, who is a prolific marksman, and talented engineer, it is said that he designed the steam powered wings that the Baroness often equips during times of war.

Salsa provides training in the use of all manner of projectile from the simple sling to the deadly organ gun. It is said that the academy was established by Rose’s grandfather Berberis, who although a brave man, was not particularly skilled in the martial arts, he could however weild a bow with some prowess and was very interested in what he called ‘Battling from a distance’. He is responsible for introducing Black powder weapons to La Cantina.

the livery of the Salsean army is white and pink. It was originally light grey and red, however the strong sun in the region kept bleaching the colours of the uniforms, and the Baron decided out of practicality that a change of colour would be cheaper than constantly buying replacement garments. The heraldic device of the family is a pink rose, either bare or surrounded by foliage.

My next focus on my Rhordia will be the town of Ciabatta.

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