Of battles and beer

Time for an update, I have been quite busy at work so when I get home I’ve been a little tired and in no mood to type, paint or do very much that can be seen as constructive. However I have been lucky enough to play two cracking games recently and I thought it was high time I blogged about them and the beer that I have sank in victory and commiseration.


On Tuesday 12th August I woke up early full of energy and enthusiasm for the game of Warhammer I had been planning all weekend. That energy and enthusiasm however took a bit of a beating as I turned on the radio to the sad news that Robin Williams had died. I’m not sure why that effected me as much as it did. I did not know him personally, he was a man, a very funny man from film and television, and now he’s gone. I still cannot bring myself to un-follow him on twitter. But I do not want this to be the tone of my report.

High Elves Vs Empire:

Luckily I had already put my army list together, I was facing a good opponent in Daniel Reed at Dark Sphere, and his elves were itching for some revenge. I was not sure who to take to face them, but decided upon my Empire army. Whereas Dwarfs are my favourite, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Empire and have had an army since the 4 edition of the game. I tend to theme my armies and currently have a work in progress of a post ‘Storm of Chaos’ Witch/Chaos hunting style army, the sons of the empire trying to purge the home soil from the taint of the dark gods. Possible not the best thing to take against 2500 pts of High Elves, but I was determined to use them

I had some luck with the dice at first winning set up and first turn and made a good number of early wounds. However the skill of my opponent and his army of choice started to shine through and although I had troops left on the field at the end of the game, it was nothing short of a massacre victory for the asur.

Daniel had a ‘Frost Heart Pheonix’ which proved it was well worth its points, holding its own against a unit of Demi griffon knights. The High Elf magic was potent and devastated more than one of my units. The Hight Elves had the upper hand from after round two, but one moment I’ll treasure is when I used a hex scroll to turn his Mage into a frog:





The game was rather long and very enjoyable and after packing away we visited ‘The Pineapple’ a local pub for some post match brews. Nothing overly different in the range of beers here sadly, but I did get to sample a bottled light ale:


Dwarfs Vs Chaos Warriors:

Last weekend my nephew Oscar finally got to collect his ‘Birthday present’ and to try his Chaos Warriors out against a new foe, my Dwarfs. Oscar went for a Nurgle marked warrior heavy force with two units of knights. I opted for my horde of Iron Breakers with supporting warrior unit. I also tried out the Iron Drakes which thankfully weren’t too shabby, and the rejuvenated Flame Cannon, which was pretty a game winner for Grungi’s boys. Oscar’s troops took a barrage light artillery before making their first move forward, His Dragon Ogres taking most of the impact. It was about two rounds before any combat started and it was a daring charge by a unit of Chaos Knight’s into the Iron Breakers. The knight stayed for two rounds with small losses between the units, they eventually fled and my thane lead an over run right into some fresh warriors of Chaos with their ex-halted champion, a good opportunity for a personal challenge. The Thane had to endure 6 blows as these mighty leaders traded blows each causing a wound, but neither stepping down. Dwarf numbers proved superior and the remaining warriors carried their leader away in a flow of armoured bodies running for the hills. The forces of Chaos did claim some souls however, I forgetfully left my Gyro-copter to the path of 20 Marauders, and my Dwarf warrior unit could not hold against the charge from the rallied Chaos knights and were mercilessly mown down as the broke from combat. The funniest moment for me other than some attempted game board sabotage by my older brother Daniel, was the fact that my miner unit chose to spend the majority of the game under ground only popping up during the final round to say hello.

Some post game advice was given to my Nephew to buy more cannon fodder troops to tie up his opponent’s artillery, and then it was time for lunch.





As I was at hope for this game I couldn’t resist a tipple, and cracked open a few bottles from the Badger Brewery which were kindly donated by Daniel as a visiting gift:



I final nod has to be given again to the Wanstead Tap, I took my brother and nephew there for some lunch and we tucked into some meaty pork pie and a lovely beer from a Bristol brewery, very nice:



Basing the present

And so, I finally get to a point where I can base O’scar’s Birthday present. There are still some touch up’s to be done on the warrior, but I thought it was time for him to be standing on his own two feet. I have painted the Chaos Warrior to look old, a soldier who has been fighting for decades and survived all that the Chaos wastes can throw at him. There is something of a tarnished, rusty look, and so I decided that an Autumnal base would fit him best.

I painted two layers of brown on to the plastic base:


Then a random pattern of PVA:




Leaf fall:


Warrior meets base:


Standing and awaiting the finishing strokes:



My brother has been showing Oscar the progress reports and I’m told that there is a very excited young lad really looking forward to the arrival of his chaos champion.

Birthday present the third

I thought that it was high time for an update on the Chaos Champion I’m painting for my Nephew Oscar. I know it is taking me a while but many things get in the way of a good painting session these days, anyway we are approaching end game with this, and I now have a deadline set, as my older brother and Oscar are coming to visit on 21st August. As you can see the figure is now based but needs the finishing touches, and the base itself needs working on:



Kick Starter:

Also thought I’d update my project funding bids, I recently backed an art sculpt by Joek Minis based on Paul Bonner’s ‘Trolls of Trudvang’, the actual diorama of three adventurers approaching a large troll on a rock looked beautiful (as fantasy sculpts go) and I wanted to fund as best I could in my limited financial circumstance, so went for a package that saw me rewarded with a small troll which when assembled will look like this:

Small troll


I’m rather pleased with the completed project and look forward to painting it as soon as possible.


I try to back talented British independent mini sculptors when I can, so when Infamy Miniatures released a Kick Starter campaign, ‘Welcome to the big smoke’ a steam punk based skirmish game, I had to make a bid, again at a low level. I hope the campaign succeeds, you can check it out here:


Birthday present part deux

I have made some progress on my nephew Oscar’s present the Chaos warrior. I’ve decided also to use this time to catch up with my back log of painting, and have decided to finish off a ‘Blood Bowl’ Dwarf conversion that I made into a standard bearer, he has been glues and fixed up and under-coated for the best part of two years, so while I wait for paint to dry on the Chaos champion, I’ll work on the Dwarf.

Out of the packet, prepared and washed:


Basic colours:


Inked and waiting for the next round: