Ever since I read JRR Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’ I have been gripped by fantasy fiction, table top games and role play, and it set up a long time love of all that is dwarf.

This is why when it came to choosing an army to play Warhammer Fantasy by Games Workshop (GW), way back as far as the  early 1990’s, it was the ale quaffing beardies that I opted for.

Most fantasy players have a love / hate relationship with GW, who produce rules / gaming systems and churn out some fantastic sculpts. They are a large driving force in the fantasy gaming arena. However many people believe that they are over priced, and make un-necessary changes to rules their rules, forcing people to spend more money. It is a fine line they tread, one could say between market place bully boy, and table top innovators, it has to be remembered that it is companies such as GW breath life into the gaming community and have helped make it what it is.

There are however some companies out there who make absolutely fantastic models at a fraction of the price of GW, and these can easily be utilised in un-official tournaments,  at clubs and in house games.

Right now I am really impressed with ‘Avatars of War’ Pathfinders who would make excellent models for Dwarf Rangers, I’m quite tempted to get a unit to accompany my Josef Bugman (A GW special character) into battle:



Current reads

As I stated in my opening shot, I am a fan of fantasy fiction. This has lead me to read a wide range of books, from sword and sandle epics, to science fiction. I am currently reading books that are a mixture of magical fantasy, and modern life.

My current book is the third in a series by author Jon Rosenberg, entitled ‘The pantheon of the dead’. it has kept the pace the was started with book one ‘The unicorn crisis’ and carried through in ‘The digital wolf’. Rosenberg starts his stories by plunging the reader straight into the action, keeping you gripped by a sequence of events that flow in a manner that keeps you reading to conclusion.

The premise is that there is a hidden academy that protects the citizens of earth safe from all creatures mythological, that exist of separate planes. The main protagonist David Ash, get buffeted from pillar to post repairing breaches in reality that allow otherworldly beings to enter our world and cause havoc and mayhem where ever they will.

The books are only published electronically, but well worth the download if you have the equipment to read them on, and who doesn’t these days.Image

Check them out.