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Hello Mod’ers

It’s been a while again; however there are various good reasons for this. I have now decided to pull my finger out and type a new post. So what has MrSeb been busy with, you may be thinking to yourselves, and there’s no single answer, but amongst the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune faced in this life, I have had the opportunity to game and to paint, so I have to concede that when they say that there is a bright side to everything, they are actually right.

Frostgrave, I have still be as useful as a chocolate fire guard in regard to playing this game, the number of figures I plan to use in the game is piling up upon my bedroom floor, and I’ve managed to get three wizards painted up, my most recent being an elementalist:


If I ever get close to playing this game I’ll let you know.

Other painting, I currently have a number of paint projects on the go (doesn’t everyone) I finally got around to completing the repaint on my Ostland Halberdier Captain for by ‘Blue Bear Old Boys’:


When I have the front rank complete, the others will take less time as they will require less detail.

On top of this I have started a character based unit filler for my Lothern Sea Guard, and I have entered a painting competition run by ‘Gidran Miniatures’ I am painting up a kickstarter reward from last year; to take part in this; and will be painting a ‘Victorian Scrunt’ as sculpted by Bob Olley. Posts to follow when these ard complete.

I am able to get to my gaming club in Hackney a bit more regularly since me change in shift, and so have been able to get some good games of ‘Kings of War’ and ‘Warhammer 8th’ In particular I had a fun three way game of WHFB; in which I used my Lothern Sea Guard against a Chaos warrior horde and a Skaven litter. To prevent any kind of one sided play, we set up some objectives, each had a marker in their own area that needed protecting, and there was a further marker in the middle of the table that needed to be captured. There were some good plays, and crazy mistakes on both sides, the most enjoyable was seeing the chaos lord get rewarded for his valiant efforts against a pack of storm vermin, by being transformed into a Spawn. My High Elf prince mounted upon a moon dragon, charged and chased of a 40 strong unit of Chaos warriors, and the Skaven player turned a unit of Chaos ogres into clan rats with the 13th spell. My High Elf captain managed to capture the centre objective and my Reaver knights tried to capture the Chaos warrior marker as it had been left un-attended; however some Skaven swarms put pay to that plan by making it a contended marker. However as I held two marker at the end of a long and enjoyable game, the High Elves were victorious.

IMAG4402_1 IMAG4404_1


As usual I have sampled many good ales since my last post, and although the ‘Three Sods IPA’ is a welcome refreshment at my gaming club, the tastiest on this occasion was the seasonal special:



Hello MODers,

I was all set to go to the long awaited SELWG 2014, I had filtered through my collection to see what could be sold at the bring and buy (never an easy decision), decided which merchant stalls I was most interested in visiting and which participation games I would try and have a go on, and then fate intervened, my wife who was away from home and due to get back the night before the event was stricken with an awful stomach bug, so I had our daughter to look after who is not the most patient of souls and probably would not enjoy being in a sports hall packed with war gaming enthusiasts. So I have totally failed in visiting any of the events I typed about earlier in the year.


This makes me more adamant than ever to attend SALUTE 2015 next year and I WILL book the day off in advance to enable this.

To cheer myself up about being unable to get to SELWG this year, I came up with a game scenario, and tried out my solo gaming rules as I put together an army of sell swords to fend off an attack by the noble High Elves.

Midas Goldgather is a fierce dwarf warrior and leader of the Mercenary group ‘The flowing coffers’ a name denoting an army well paid for their services. Recently Midas has looked at less scrupulous means of filling his pockets, and has lead several raids on areas believed the previous sites of Elven cities that stood before the ‘War of the beard’. Midas has no love of the elves and see’s his actions as little more than reclaiming lost dwarf treasures, which he can lucratively pass to the highest bidder. His actions have not gone un-noticed and Captain Aeneas Swiftwind of Lothern is hot on Midas’s heels following his latest raid.

The board was 6 by 4 feet, and the armies had to set up within 12 inches along the 4 foot edge, facing each other.

The objective is for the attacking side, the High Elves (this could easily be substituted by another Warhammer army), to either totally destroy the opposition or assault the Dogs of war position, and have at least three remaining units within the enemy deployment zone, showing that they have captured the compound.  This had to be achieved within D3+3 turns. I rolled 1 giving me 4 rounds of game time.

The side were as follows:

Dogs of war:  General (Midas), Lv2 Hirling witch (Shadow), Lv Hirling witch (Celestial), Pay master, 2 body guards, 10 Halfling archers, 1 Halfling hot pot, 6 Light cavalry, 3 Ogres, 10 Duellist, 1 Giant, 1 bull Taurus.

IMAG1551 IMAG1544

High Elves: Noble (Aeneas) on war griffon, Lv4 Mage (High), 5 Shadow warriors, 1 Lothern sky-cutter, 19 Sea guard, 20 High Elf Archers (split into 2 units), 1 Eagle claw bolt thrower, 10 White lions, 5 Reavers knights.

IMAG1552 IMAG1555

With the dice making most of the decisions, a lot of the moves made on both side seemed quite logical, both sides closing on each other trying to engage but also looking for a flank advantage. First blood went to the Dogs as the Halflings needing 7’s to hit, felled two of the shadow warriors. Magic was interesting throughout the Hirling witches proving more than capable, The mounted celestial witch squashed 4 archers with the comet of Cassandora, and the Grey witch smote three Reavers, but wounded herself in the process. The high elf mage put ‘The hand of glory’ to good use.

IMAG1561_BURST002 IMAG1569

The first big clashes saw the cavalry finish of the shadow warriors, and the Giantess (Long tall Sally) smash the sky-cutter to matchwood, before combined fire from the bolt thrower and archers turned her into a pin cushion. After to heavy losses the skill of the Asur started to shine through and the white lions together with their noble leader dispatched the ogre man-eaters, and bull Taurus.


If you were to add up the points at the end you would probably award the victory to the elves, however, they failed as far as the objective is concerned, and so Midas lived to steal another day.

My battle beer of choice following this game was a Marstons Stout, which had a lovely velvety texture and burnt hoppy after taste, very nice.


A fine skirmish

I enjoyed my game at ‘Dark Sphere’ last month so much; that I have decided to try and make a regular thing of it. My tri weekly work pattern means every third Monday I should be able to get a game. Hopefully I will become reacquainted with the rules once more and maybe hit the tournament circuit once again. I’m not sure if I’m guaranteed an opponent every time, but I have already met a bunch of great people who have also been bitten by the Warhammer Fantasy bug.

For this game I decided to shake the dust off my Dwarfs and put the new army book through its paces. My opponent, a friendly gamer called ‘Daniel’ who was thankfully up to speed with the 8th ed rules; brought a beautifully painted High Elf army, so it was a great opportunity to strike a grudge from the old book and put the aloof sons of Asuryan back in their place.

After Daniel finished basing up, I was relieved to see that he had not brought any cavalry, but the sight of a lion chariot and two repeater bolt throwers was enough to make me pause for breath. The main thing that struck me about his force was how well it was painted, my dwarf models are old and not all completely painted, ‘damn my lazy streak’, but there was a beauty in his figures that seemed to make them shine like the glittering host they were representing.

We rolled for a scenario from the rulebook, which is not something I normally do; preferring to go straight for an open engagement or writing my own scenarios. We got ‘Meeting engagement’ which divides the table diagonally with a 12” no man’s land. Set up is decided by the role of the dice, each unit is rolled for on a D6, and any units for which you role a 1 do not come on during the set up phase but come into play as reinforcements later. Luck was with the High Elves on set up as all units passed, however I think that in my army both the fighting infantry units, an Iron Breaker horde and a Dwarf Warriors armed with great weapons must have found a few kegs of ‘Bugman’s XXX’, as they failed to turn up for the start.

After this however the tables turned as the dice gods were kind to me but not so good to Daniel, who didn’t have one successful magic phase, and although his elves aim during the shooting phase was true, they must have bought their arrow heads from the rubber emporium. The game wnet to 4 rounds and ended with victory for my sons of Grungi. Daniel was not without his successes however as his Sword Masters slaughtered my Warrior unit, taking out a T5 Runesmith, in one round of combat. When they tried the same trick with the Iron Breakers things weren’t so good for the Elves.

If the Sword Masters were man of the match for the High Elves, then the unit of choice for the Dwarfs had to be my duo of Gyrocopters, who weathered a storm of magic and arrow to caused havoc and sow mayhem amongst the pointy eared foe. The combination of steam gun and Brimstone gun proved a useful tool.

IMAG0569     IMAG0574



Results aside, I had a really enjoyable game with a fantastic opponent. Sadly again due to the game taking place in a shop there was a total absence of beer, but I was able to make amends for that on the way home, by stopping off at the local supermarket:


Recent Games

I was lucky enough to get some gaming action recently, alright one of the two games was another attempt with my solo gaming rules in which the dice make most of the decisions, but the second was game was with a real live person, my good friend Marc Wilkinson who owns a rather splendid Lizardmen army for Warhammer Fantasy Battle. We played in a battle bunker that has been set up by ‘Dark Sphere Games’ in Waterloo (London), a very fine establishment; and was marked by the unusual absence of beer.

Game 1

The first Battle, the solo affair was a 1000 pts game between Empire and High Elves. The dice worked a treat here, making some very odd, but entertaining tactical decisions. I selected two balanced sides with a good amount of missile and melee troops of both sides. The Empire ‘Ostland Northern Marches’ were led by a captain mounted upon a Pegasus with a large halberdier unit in tow. The High Elves ‘Waystone Coastal Patrol’ were under the charge of a High Elf noble mounted on a Great Eagle with his trusty unit of Lothern Sea Guard.

It’s is quite something when you put your troop movement in the hands of the dice gods, strange decisions can be made, a cavalry unit may reject an easy charge for an enemy across the battle field, a missile unit may totally ignore a nearby threat whilst focusing on a more juicy target. You don’t have to follow the roll of the dice, if you think the move too ridiculous and against your normal strategy, but it can make for some fun decisions. One such dice roll sent a unit of Reaver knights dashing across the table to a unit of Pistolliers (possibly to put the cavalrymen of the Empire in their place), only for them to be peppered by a unit of Handgunners and finished off by the Empire Captain.

Unit of the game had to be the Empire Mortar which took out half of the High Elf Archer unit, and the Lothern Sky-cutter, before blowing itself to smithereens. The battle itself was total carnage, with heavy losses, the Halberdier and the remains of their swordsmen attachment face off against the Sea Guard. In a the closing stages the Empire Captain charged the High Elf noble, made him flee, and caught him in the pursuit, Game over.

IMAG0508 IMAG0510 IMAG0521

Game 2

My game at ‘Dark Sphere’, was a 1500 pts game. My High Elves Vs Marc’s Lizardmen. Each time I play Marc he selects two spell casters, and I find myself totally outgunned in the magic phase. So this time I went with a level two High magic caster, and a level 1 with Grey magic, both proved useful in the game, but sadly the level two mage was also my down fall, as he cast soul quench in the second round, he caused a disastrous miscast which knock my unit of 30 Sea Guard; down to 14. Thank Asurman for the Shield of Saphery otherwise the unit would have gone entirely.

High Elf shooting was excellent and managed to decimate the Saurus unit, and cut the Skink/Kroxigor unit down to half. But it was not engouh when combat finally took place the combined force of a Stegadon and the Skink/Kroxigors smashed the remaining Sea Guard, and a flank charged upon the Archers by a Razordon hunting pack made the high elves flee from combat and sealed the fate of the Asur. My Sky-cutter and Reaver Knights had worked themselves into position for a fourth round charge, but all they could do was watch in dismay as the remaining army crumbled beneath a sea of reptilian wrath. My hat was definitely off to Marc, he very played well in the face of a barrage of magic and missile fire; and steered his army to victory.

In a post-game analysis I remembered that when a flank charge opportunity presents itself you really should take it, and that it’s probably better to charge the Stegadon before it gets to crash into you. Also poison weapons are really awesome. The High/grey magic combination was good and I may go with that again, but use less dice to cast with. I hope I get to roll the dice again soon.

IMAG0478 IMAG0468 IMAG0467 IMAG0480