Franticon Kings of War 2020: Doubles

Hello MoDers,

Welcome to my much delayed post following my 3 day attendance at Franticon 2020 that was held in Dark Sphere (Shepherds Bush) London, between 6th and 8th March 2020. It had originally been my intention to type up an all-encompassing blog to post the weekend after the event, but life happened and ‘Corona Virus’, started to get a grip on the UK so I have been somewhat distracted.

So after the usual procrastination I have decided upon a strategy to write about the event. I plan to write 3 separate blogs for each event: ‘Vanguard’, ‘KoW Doubles’ and ‘Kow Singles’.

Last year I took an Elven Sea-kin list to match my friend Neil Dennison’s Trident realm army. We came dead last, but over all had a great day. I was inspired to return. A few months later my ‘Kickstarter’, pledge in the ‘TTCombat’: ‘Halfling and friends’ arrived and brought with it enough ‘Treemen’ to build a ‘Forces of Nature’ ‘Shamblers’ horde. I knew then what my doubles army would be for ‘Franticon 2020’, I just had to think about what else I should add. My friend Neil came to the rescue again as he did not want his ‘Treemen’, and gave me his, so now I had 2 hordes of ‘Shamblers’ it looked like I had a theme for my ‘Forces of Nature’: lots of tree men.

My work had a restructure and I had a relapse with my anxiety and depression. Somehow during this time I lost touch with Neil who moved to a new department, which is a real shame. However toward the end of 2019 several London based ‘Kings of War’ players put together a gaming group and ‘Facebook’ page: for Kings of War: Central London. We play at venues all around London, but mainly seem to congregate either at the ‘Bad Moon Café’ or ‘Dark Sphere’. Here I met Chris Lynch, who mainly plays with an Elven army with a fantastic autumnal sylvan style, the army is really well painted and Chris uses it to great effect. He agreed to partner me in the up coming doubles, and by early January with some suggestion from Chris, my 1000pts ‘Forces of Nature’ army was ready, on paper that is.

With just over 2 months I had to get the following army together:

1 Druid mounted on a Forest Steed with the Shroud of the Saint, which gave him healing (5) I also paid for him to have Surge (4)

1 Tree Herder with Healing Brew, (the main reason for this choice was the Radience of Life aura which provides the army with added healing, very useful). He also came with Surge (8)

2 Forest Shambler Hordes

1 Beast of Nature (with fly and extra attacks)

It was only 5 drops, with an overall unit strength of 8, but with similar choices on Chris’s army, I believed we stood a good chance, despite my awful memory and lack of experience using this faction.

I had a good amount of minis in my collection to represent most of these army choices with the ‘Treemen’ from ‘TTCombat’, a ‘Manticore’ from ‘Warploque Minitures’: ‘Arcworlde’ range (I made some slight alterations to this mini by adding some ‘GW’ ‘Ghast’ wings) as my ‘Beast of Nature’, and a lovely sculpt by ‘Conquest Games’ from their ‘Wealdgeist’ range, a mounted elf lord on a boar, that I believed would be perfect as my mounted ‘Druid’. ( I picked this chap up at SELWG 2017, always hoped he’d come in useful). However no matter how much I looked around I could not find a large ‘Treeman’ that I liked enough to buy as my ‘Tree Herder’. Thankfully Chris came to the rescue and suggested that I look closer to the source, as ‘Mantic’ make a ‘Tree Herder’ sculpt that is really nice, I looked at the website, and have to admit it was one of the best large ‘Treeman’ figures I have seen. Chris said that I could use one of his, as he had 2 ready to go and only needed 1 in his army, but having seen the ‘Mantic’ model, I just had to buy it. The model arrived 3 days before the event, and I had a huge task to finish all of my units including my herder, It is the fastest that I have ever finished a paint job, and took three nights staying up past midnight to manage it, I was exhausted before the first day, but it was worth it:

The Doubles event was being run by ‘Kings of Herts’ on Saturday 7th March. As usual Paul Roberts and Matt Green put together a really well organised tournament. Here is where my terrible memory comes in, I cannot remember the names of all out opponents, I really should write more down, when I know I’m going to be blogging. I remember that we faced Jude and Gino, 2 lads from Cornwall (Like me!) who brought a Kingdom of Men/Nightstalker alliance. I have played both in the past and they are really good at ‘Kings of War’, I was a little worried, but we had an upper hand, as Chris and I had more experience with 3rd edition. Despite some careful deployment and manouvering, it was not long before our units were engaged in a grinding melee. Thanks to Chris we were lucky to gain the central objective early which meant they had to come to us if they wanted to get those points. We managed to hold out toward the end, I think I lost everything bar 1 ‘Shambler’ horde. We claimed victory in our first game, it was very close though:

Our next opponents were Daniel and Ed with a Sylvan Elf/Dwarf alliance, Ed’s army looked lovely. Their army was quite similar to ours, but boy did they know how to use it. After the 1st round things looked bleak for us, and we decided that someone was going to need to make the first move forward, we did and we were crushed. I learned a big mistake I had been making regarding the movement for flyers and their pivoting. Most will know this, for some reason I did not. Whereas flight gives you up to 20 inches movement, if you use it you can only pivot once. If you only use the basic movement of 10 inches then you nimble comes into play and you can pivot twice, but not if you move more than the 10 inches. I hope I can remember this as I plan to use flyers a bit more often than I have in the past, due to the disruption they can cause. Needless to say we were annihilated, but it was a fun game especially the press in the centre of the table:

Our last game was against Jon and his partner (sorry I have tried to research your name, but failed miserably). They had Orcs, Goblins and lots of Trolls. I am still not use to the way in which an Orc army can dash across the table and brutally clash with your units. Thankfully most of our troops were toughness (5), with good nerve, so not so easy to break as my ‘Rhordian’ or ‘Empire of dust’ soldiers. I must admit that by game 3 I tend to be really tired, I don’t understand how the game tires me out so much, in many ways it is much more exhausting that a good session in the gym, and does not bring then benefit of an adrenaline/endorphin rush to keep you going. Therefore I cannot remember a great deal about this game, I think it was close, I know we lost, but that is pretty much all I can say, other that we had another brilliant set of opponents:

As often happens when fun is being had, the time flew and it was heading into the early evening. I started to pack, only taking a break to listen to the placings and awards. I did not think I had played particularly well, and had been a bit grumpy after my mistake in the 2nd game, mainly because I don’t like to make mistakes, so I was very surprised when it was announced that I had won the ‘Most Sporting Player’, award, so surprised in fact that I responded, ‘Me! Are you sure?’ It was an unexpected end to the event. As a prize I was given a ‘Mantic’ ‘Greater Water Elemental’ which will help me expand my ‘Forces of Nature’.

At the end of the day I travelled back home, very tired, both looking forward to and dreading the next day. Overall day 2 of ‘Franticon 2020’ was excellent.

After winning the greater elemental, I obviously had to buy enough miniatures to build a lesser elemental horde. And as the ‘Mantic’ Glade Walker Druid is a great match to my mounted druid from ‘Conquest games’ I definitely needed to purchase one of these also, now to reach 2000pts:


Here is a list of links to the suppliers I used to build my army:

Long time, no type

This blog is long overdue. Many times since my last post in January I have meant to report on events that I have participated in, and games I have played, but sadly my depression and anxiety have been increasing since last November, and this March it came to the point that I needed to seek help, and go back on medication. This has left me generally apathetic and each time I have sat down to type, sentences fail to form in my mind and my enthusiasm for posting wanes. Here we are in June now, and I have added nothing to Mug ‘O’ Dice since the beginning of the year. I have decided to make a quick post today, largely as a catch up.

In March I attended ‘Manticon 2019’ a weekend of ‘Mantic’ based gaming. They were holding two ‘Kings of War’ tournaments one singles and the other for doubles, I teamed up with my friend Neil Dennison and we took a Sea Elf/Realms of Neritica army along to the battle bunker at ‘Dark Sphere’ in West London. There was a good attendance at the event and we played some good games against some friendly and knowledgeable people. I wanted to improve my tournament record having failed to win a game during a ‘Kings of War’ tournament. Generally it is not about the result for me, but to lose on every occasion can become disheartening. Our first opponent was a Night Stalker/Ratkin combination that annihilated our army, we certainly learned from that game and our opponents were kind enough to give us some tips for our next round. Game two was against an Ogre/Forces of Nature combination a very friendly couple took us up to round 7, and it looked like we might actually take the game, however the final rounds swung against us, and we evaded victory once more. The final game was against a Dwarf/Dwarf combination a very tactical game and one in which I finally broke my trend as we managed to force a draw. Our final results netted us the wooden spoon, the sting of which was removed when the tournament organisers presenting us each with a ‘Mantic’ terrain box, which was very kind.

April came along and SALUTE 2019 happened, sadly I missed it due to work, which is a shame, on the bright side at least I saved some money. It has made me more determined to attend SELWG 2019 this year at ‘Crystal Palace’ on Sunday 20th October 2019. Follow the link to find out more:

May saw an end to the ‘Kings of War’ campaign that I have been taking part in at the ‘Tanelorn Gaming club’ at the ‘Magic Madhouse’ in Stratford, East London. I had enjoyed taking part in this campaing, which was run by my friend Guy Harper. I only managed to win my first game against an army of ‘Ratkin’, however I enjoyed everyone of them, playing against some very friendly people. My ‘Empire of Dust’ army faced deamons, Dwarves, Beastmen and Elves as they fought their way into the Isle of Valundar, my Pharaoh looking both for his long lost brother, and revenge upon those who sunk his fleet. He saw gaining shards of the ‘Fenulian Mirror’ as a bonus. The last game as a six way affair with the object of securing the mysterious tomb in the centre of the board. Melee took place across the table and many troops were lost, By the end of turn five it looked like my army would carry the day, sadly we had trusted in a pact with some Dwarves who attacked us in the rear and flank and stole the victory. During the game I was impressed how much hurt a simple troop of Dwarf Berserkers can hand out, and the damage that a Herd Brutox can soak up. It really was a great climax for the campaign.

Finally I have entered another doubles tournament with ‘Kings of Herts’ this time it is a fundraiser for the school where they run most of their events. To find out more about it, follow this link:

I am taking 1000 pts of ‘Empire of Dust’ my partner this time will be Mark Cunningham of the Bexley Reapers who I believe is bringing some ‘Varangur’ I am currently finalising my list and prepping the minis, I will try to blog about this nearer the time. Mark and Grant from the reapers are also organising a tournament to take place on 20th July 2019, I cannot make it as I am taking part in the race for life on the same day, but if you are interested, follow this link:


Hello MoD’ers,

It is three days now since SALUTE 2018 finally took place and as always it was an excellent show. I arrived early as usual and nabbed a ‘decent’ place in the queue. From here I planned my day, the first stop was to be the ‘Badsquiddo Games’ stand then the ‘Northumbrian Tin Soldier’ and ‘Warploque Miniature: Arcworlde’ stalls to make some early purchases. I eagerly eyed up the speed painting tables at the front of the hall, but quickly struck that idea from my list, as I was wearing my new ‘Dr Who’ T-shirt and it is white, I don’t want any paint flecks on that quite yet.

When the doors officially opened our horde of game obsessed hobbyists swept into the arena ready to spend our hard earned pennies on small plastic figurines and any available accoutrements. I made it to Annie Norman’s ‘Badsquiddo Games’ where they were still setting up and yet mobbed by eager enthusiasts. Eager both to chase up a mail order for her delightful mounted shield maidens, and to purchase some more that I had not noticed when I had made my initial purchase on their website, I was greeted by a friendly lady that was assisting Annie. They allowed me to take my mail order away with me and gave a great show price for the amazing mounted hearth guard models I had found, they are really lovely models, and my current photo does not do them justice.

Whilst speaking with the helpers at Annie’s stall I learned of a game that they are developing, one that I know my little girl will absolutely love: ‘Gunnypeegs’ a rather intriguing Bunny Vs Guinea pig war game. I believe there is going to be a kickstarter for this, I will keep you posted. I bought a pack of the pigs and bunnies that are currently available.

After this I went on the hunt for the ‘Northumbrian Tin Soldier’ and promptly, somewhat fortuitously got lost, finding instead the ‘Macrocsom’ stand. These guys recently completed a kickstarter for a wargame that involved skeletal Dwarves Vs skeletal Goblins, finances stopped me getting involved but I could not help but notice some fully fleshed dwarves, in WW1 Russian uniforms riding upon sturdy looking ponies. My eyes then drifted from this shelf to one just below which was populated again my troops from WW1, the were Goblins resplendent in German uniforms and Halflings representing the British ‘Tommy’. I just had to have a pack of the furry foots Brits. These minis come from their Weird War range, when I spoke with the stall holder (I apologise as I have forgotten his name) he told me that they hope to have a kickstarter for this range, it will be called ‘Mud Fields’ along the line of their previous campaign. He also said that he hoped to include a fourth race, possibly Turkish Orcs. This is definitely worth keeping an eye out for.

SALUTE is a very popular convention, I go whenever I can, work has a habit of getting in the way, but I am glad I made it this year. However this makes it a very busy tiring day, and the temptation to spend is everywhere, within the first hour and half I had spent £116.00 on various stalls, including ‘Barwell Bodyworks’ and ‘Coritani’ for basing and scenery goods. By midday I felt ready to leave, but with still so much to see and do, I stuck it out and I glad I did, as I watched an interested demo game of ‘Drowned Earth’ as dystopian future skirmish game, and spoke with the developers of ‘Death Match’ and gladiatorial game which entails fighters from several races fighting each other (naturally) but also working together to take on large monsters that are released into the arena, such as the wonderfully sculpted ‘Sky shark’.

I meandered through the central aisle looking at the wares at various merchant stands, when I noticed the ‘Crooked Dice’ 7TV stall and gaming tables. This is a games system that is based upon cult TV series. I played this a couple of years ago at Salute when the game on show was a variation on ‘Robin Hood’, this time the game based upon ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ and I just had to get involved. The last time I played this system I bought it straight afterwards, but sadly failed to play it again which is a shame as it is a really fun system with some innovative game mechanisms that can really turn events upon their head. During this game I had control of Raphael, Leonardo and Michelangelo, I managed a difficult jump with Raphael placing him in a crowd of ‘Foot’ warriors with ‘The Shredder’ but Raph had a disguise kit and could not be attacked. When the Foot warriors left the vicinity Raph removed his disguise and charged Shredder, using his character skills of ‘Temper’ and ‘Ninjitsu’ he stunned the and put shredder out of the game. It was a bold and unusual move which took an otherwise dangerous opponent off the board. This is the 2nd edition of 7TV it runs more smoothly than the previous version and needless to say, I bought the new version then and there.

By the end of the day I was really exhausted, the soles of my feet felt bruised and battered, as did my wallet, now I face the long wait until SELWG in the autumn, which may be the next time I can get my hobby on.

SELWG 2017

Hello MoDer’s, yesterday was a great day, you could kind of say I really got my geek on. For the first time in quite a while I was able to attend the annual wargames event that is hosted by the South East London War Gamers otherwise known as SELWG. This used to be a regular on my calendar, but for various reasons I have not been able to get there since 2012.


The event is generally held at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, with a generous mix of traders, demo/participation games and the famous SELWG bring and buy. The show is on a slightly smaller scale than events such as SALUTE, which is normally held at London’s Excel, but I believe that the SELWG venue has more character, and the show has a friendlier atmosphere.

I got to the venue at 0945 hours, and was surprised to see that the queue was much shorter by this time, than in my previous visits a few years ago, although in the remaining 15 minutes that were left before the show started a steady flow of expectant gamers added to the line of people waiting to get in, making the queue stretch away from the front door and away toward the Penge West entrance.

Once I had paid my £6 entrance fee, I strolled toward the bring and buys sale, not to peruse the wares on offer, despite the strength of the lure of bargains to be had, to drop off samples from my own lead pile that I had decided were never going to get the lick of paint they deserved, in hopes of making a small profit.

After the drop off I took part in my first participation game of the day, a watered down version of the world of Tanks board game, that had be set up and run by the Gravesend Gamers Guild, a brief yet informative briefing way provided, and before long I was propelling my Russian Tanks toward a deadly duo of a German Tiger and Panther tank. By virtue of getting first turn I was able to manoeuvre my T36 into a position that provided both cover and line of sight, and opened a barrage upon the Tiger that it was later to prove its undoing. This version of the game was only a basic version and quite fast paced, I believe we were given 40 minutes play time, but only required about 20. Buoyed by my unexpected victory, I marched off in search of paints and scenery.

A piece of advice when attending an event like this, is to make a list of what you actually need prior to attending, there are often so many treasures on offer that it is easy to become over excited and spend like there is no tomorrow. I have often gone home bearing the fruits of my show viewing, only to wander why I have purchased half the stuff I have my swag bag. This time I had a list, but there were still a few stalls that were able to tease the cash from under my grasp due to the fantastic produce they had on offer. My three top stalls had to be:

INFINITY-ENGINE – Dungeon Designer: This stall had some rather lovely, if a little luridly painted and somewhat macabre scenic pieces, useful for both role play games and table top war gaming. I bought a skeletal pedestal and set of stone monoliths that I hope to convert for use in my KoW Empire of Dust army.


TITAN WARGAMES – Whilst ambling around the lower floor hunting down the items on my list, something truly wonderful caught my eye, and collection of wonderfully sculpted and painted Dwarf miniatures, units posed with differing weapons and shields which included a rather characterful squad of dragoons, toting various firearms and some rather striking characters. This is the first in the range by this fledgling company, and I hope that there is plenty to follow.


CONQUEST GAMES – It was not until I was fatigued and ready to leave the show that I found the last of my top three. At first glance it seemed like just another stall for a miniatures company. However upon closer inspection the figures that this designer is creating hold such brilliant detail; and have a twist to the regular version for the warriors he is basing his armies upon, I am really looking forward to whatever he is going to produce in the future.


Before I finish this month’s update I have to mention the really fun participation game by the Maidstone Wargames Society: Fenris Descending. This was an amazing and super fun table top game that was scratch built by the gaming club. From the horde of robots that were assaulting the planet (made from electrical components) to the rocks and buildings (yoga blocks and children’s dominos), all put together to form an amazing battle scene. The premise of the game was to control a squad of human warriors and their Mech support, to achieve a randomly generated mission, such as re-establishing a comms link, or laying mines. The enemy was a never ending horde of robots determined to assail and destroy the human settlement. To be successful, you needed to complete your mission whilst killing as many droids as possible, it was not easy but it was a lot of fun, and I believe the Maidstone gamers won an award for their efforts.


Hello MODers,

I was all set to go to the long awaited SELWG 2014, I had filtered through my collection to see what could be sold at the bring and buy (never an easy decision), decided which merchant stalls I was most interested in visiting and which participation games I would try and have a go on, and then fate intervened, my wife who was away from home and due to get back the night before the event was stricken with an awful stomach bug, so I had our daughter to look after who is not the most patient of souls and probably would not enjoy being in a sports hall packed with war gaming enthusiasts. So I have totally failed in visiting any of the events I typed about earlier in the year.


This makes me more adamant than ever to attend SALUTE 2015 next year and I WILL book the day off in advance to enable this.

To cheer myself up about being unable to get to SELWG this year, I came up with a game scenario, and tried out my solo gaming rules as I put together an army of sell swords to fend off an attack by the noble High Elves.

Midas Goldgather is a fierce dwarf warrior and leader of the Mercenary group ‘The flowing coffers’ a name denoting an army well paid for their services. Recently Midas has looked at less scrupulous means of filling his pockets, and has lead several raids on areas believed the previous sites of Elven cities that stood before the ‘War of the beard’. Midas has no love of the elves and see’s his actions as little more than reclaiming lost dwarf treasures, which he can lucratively pass to the highest bidder. His actions have not gone un-noticed and Captain Aeneas Swiftwind of Lothern is hot on Midas’s heels following his latest raid.

The board was 6 by 4 feet, and the armies had to set up within 12 inches along the 4 foot edge, facing each other.

The objective is for the attacking side, the High Elves (this could easily be substituted by another Warhammer army), to either totally destroy the opposition or assault the Dogs of war position, and have at least three remaining units within the enemy deployment zone, showing that they have captured the compound.  This had to be achieved within D3+3 turns. I rolled 1 giving me 4 rounds of game time.

The side were as follows:

Dogs of war:  General (Midas), Lv2 Hirling witch (Shadow), Lv Hirling witch (Celestial), Pay master, 2 body guards, 10 Halfling archers, 1 Halfling hot pot, 6 Light cavalry, 3 Ogres, 10 Duellist, 1 Giant, 1 bull Taurus.

IMAG1551 IMAG1544

High Elves: Noble (Aeneas) on war griffon, Lv4 Mage (High), 5 Shadow warriors, 1 Lothern sky-cutter, 19 Sea guard, 20 High Elf Archers (split into 2 units), 1 Eagle claw bolt thrower, 10 White lions, 5 Reavers knights.

IMAG1552 IMAG1555

With the dice making most of the decisions, a lot of the moves made on both side seemed quite logical, both sides closing on each other trying to engage but also looking for a flank advantage. First blood went to the Dogs as the Halflings needing 7’s to hit, felled two of the shadow warriors. Magic was interesting throughout the Hirling witches proving more than capable, The mounted celestial witch squashed 4 archers with the comet of Cassandora, and the Grey witch smote three Reavers, but wounded herself in the process. The high elf mage put ‘The hand of glory’ to good use.

IMAG1561_BURST002 IMAG1569

The first big clashes saw the cavalry finish of the shadow warriors, and the Giantess (Long tall Sally) smash the sky-cutter to matchwood, before combined fire from the bolt thrower and archers turned her into a pin cushion. After to heavy losses the skill of the Asur started to shine through and the white lions together with their noble leader dispatched the ogre man-eaters, and bull Taurus.


If you were to add up the points at the end you would probably award the victory to the elves, however, they failed as far as the objective is concerned, and so Midas lived to steal another day.

My battle beer of choice following this game was a Marstons Stout, which had a lovely velvety texture and burnt hoppy after taste, very nice.


Events update…

Hello MODers,

Yes I know, I seem to have gone post mad, this being my third in April.

I just wanted to say that having missed SALUTE 2014 because of work, and having being told ‘No,’ when I asked about going to Norwich for the day for ‘Diceni’ my wife not the most understanding about anything Geek related, I am all the more determined to make it to SELWG 2014 on October 12th 2014, I’m not scheduled to work and it’s London based.

I missed SELWG last year and although it is not as big as SALUTE; I feel that it is somehow warmer, friendlier than its counterpart. There are a good number of traders, demo and participation games and of course the bring and buy sale. It is held at Crystal Palace in the National Sports Centre, between 10:00 – 16:00 and only costs £6 entry fee, so if I manage to sell some old gear, I can cover my costs easily. I am totally focused on trying to make this event, if I get there you can expect a post and plenty of pictures.

Here’s some from 2012:


Events of note

Hi MoDers,

Hope all is well.

Just thought I’d drop a quick post about some rather good fantasy / historical / gaming type of events planned in the UK this year. This is not a concise list, just four that I either attend regularly, have attended in the past, or plan to attend in the near future.

The first up is not too far away, and I may not get there due to work commitments. However Saturday 12th April 2014 see SALUTE 2014 at London Excel. I have been to Salute since about 2004, when my very dear friend Nik Green of ‘Grumpy old tin’ introduced me to the convention that is a huge mix of stalls, participation games, demo / display games, people dress as all sundry characters from Storm Troopers to Cybermen. Salute run organised and staffed by the ‘South London Warlords’ is a heady mixed of Fantasy and Sci-Fi, with a good pinch of historical for an all-rounded atmosphere. There are painting stands and the official painting competition. And I should not forget the bring and buy sale good opportunity of making some dough or picking up a bargain or two. This will be the first Salute that Nik does not attend as he has moved to Austria, but if I can go I should be able to catch up with to other regular attendees and good friends Nick and Marc, this is them at a previous Salute:


Newham-20130420-00196 Newham-20130420-00227

Hot on the heels of Salute comes DICENI on Sunday 4th May at the Forum in Norwich. I have not been to this one yet, so cannot wax lyrical about it, however it seems to have the same reliable mix found at Salute and I’m sure is just fun to attend, I really want to go, Mrs Mug ‘O’ Dice might think its too many conventions to close together and I’m already too much of a Geek already, apparently:

download (3) images (2)

Next up is less a games convention an more of a live action experience involving knights, cavaliers and world war soldiers, there is a good mix of games and competitions and what best is it takes the whole weekend, I am ofcourse writing about the FAYRE TIMES FESTIVAL 2014 held on September 20th – September 21st at The Royal Gunpowder Mills, Waltham Abbey. As well as the usual mix of vendors and hobby displays you can watch battle take place and take part in an Archery contest. It is a great family day out so work had better not get in the way this time:

images images (1)

Finally we are back to the indoor conventions with SELWG 2014 which is held at Crystal Palace on 12th October. I have been to this and although it is not as big as Salute, I feel it is somewhat more cosy, there is still a good amount of traders and demo games, but at the end of the day you will have done the rounds a few times and not have the feeling that you are somehow missing something that can accompany your departure from Salute. The bring and buy is here too as it is the South East London War Gamers who organise it:

Bromley-20121014-00117     Bromley-20121014-00120

There are of course other conventions, events and tournament that I’m sure are equally as much fun. If you can think of any then please feel free to comment.