ROTB 2022

Hello MoDers, welcome back.

Last weekend I held my first ‘Kings of War’ event, Roll Out The Barrells, at the ‘Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, in London’s East End. This was a joint event as it was planned and organised by me on behalf of the ‘Central London Kings of War’ collective, using the venue and much of the equipment of the ‘Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiasts.’ As far as I am aware this was the first Kings of War only event in East London, often it is supported by other gaming systems.

Planning the event had not been without its difficulties, I even had to move the originally planned date due to loe ticket sales and not having enough terrain pieces to give the players decent tabletop scenery.

After talking with CLKoWs Rob and Matt, and liaising with HATE members Andy and Rob I decided on a new date and pushed the advertising a bit harder. The new date was July 23rd 2022, by the time we were a week away from D-day, we had 11 players and enough terrain to populate the required amount of tables.

we had a good range of players from top 10 masters level to relative new comers, and a good mix of army selection. I thonk that Elven kin were the only repeated race, and they were from different factions. As we only had 11 players, I had to even thigs up and both play ghe gamex as well ax thn the event, I was so nervous that I would make mistake and ruin people’s day.

When I planned the event I wanted to have a special character like the boys who run ‘Shroud of the Reaper’. I came up with the character of ‘The Landlord’ an Eastend tavern owner who could have a subtle affect on the game play, but not be over powered. So with a hip flask of Dwarven ale, an inspiring presence and high ish individual leadership, the players were set the task of modelling and painting their landlord or lady, the entries were brilliant from bar stool weilding orcs to a goblin in a pink dress, absolutely brilliant. The Goblin actual gained the most voted netting Dave Randall the best painted landlord miniature prize.

The order of play for the first round was decided by the order that players sent in their army lists. This lead to some interesting match up such as a ‘Herd’ army againt an ‘Undead’ horde both forces packed to the rafters with Lycan. As I was evening up the odds, my 1st opponent was to be Ed and his Drakon heavy Elven kin.

Game 1 was Invade, and was pretty evenly matched with plenty of piece trading on both sides, and a good press in the middle. Sadly for me the elite nature of the elves started to shine through by round 4 and my Rhordians felt their wrath. The elves won on scenario points as I had inflicted enough damagd in the early rounds to gain a respectable losing score, and end up mid table.

Game 2 is like a blur to me, as my forces were quickly shot off the table. This was Chris’s Ratkin army and it was crammed with ‘Nightmares’ with a shooting upgrade that my Cavalry based force could not get close enough to deal with, it was like a repeat of the charge of the light brigade only the cannon were mobile. I had no real answer to this and was wiped from the table. After this round I dropped down to near bottom of the table, in 2nd to last.

My opponent for the last round was fellow CLKoW Tony, we have played each other several times, so we both knew each others forces, it was a good match up between League of Rhordia and Kingdoms of Men. Luckily Tony had selected the players choice tabld fof this round, as it had some impassable scenery that I could use to block his very effective cannon. Honestly the only person that can role the required 5s or 6s more frequently is Rusty Shakleford, I was happy for the reprieve. The scenario was ‘Push’, and the game pretty evenly matched, I rolled far too manh snake eyes, and Tony couldnt do much more than waiver my units which otherwise refused to rout, largely thankx to ‘Rally’ from my ‘War-shrine.’ Tony’s foot knight horde dealt a devestating blow to my army taking out my Duke and a regiment of knights, however they were in possession of his loot tokens, and spent so much time fighting in the back field, they didn’t even get close to the halfway line, unlike my token laden ‘Mammoth’ who slowly plodded up field sticking to the cover of trees and other blocking terrain. A last minute reverse with the War-shrine allowed me to pinch the center token and win the game 4 objective points to 0, snd bumping me up to third from bottom.

whilst all this was going on, I was totalling up scores each round, pairing up players, assigning tables and making sure we kept as close to the timings as we reasonably could. It wasn’t easy, but it was actually quite fun.

Dave Randall was our over all winner with his Goblins, followed by Chris Judd and his Ratkin and Richard Laking’s ‘Noble dead.’ Jake Salmonsmith’s ‘Orcs,’ claimed the best painted army award, and Tony seized the wooden spoon.

I’d like to thank everyone that attended, you really made the day, thank you for helping with set up, and tidying away, and just being there. Thank you also to the HATE club for the use of your facilities, boards snd other equipment without which the event could not have happened. Finally thank you to Maggie and the staff at the social club for everything on the day.

After this experience, there may well be sn ROTB next year.

Next up for me is the ‘Shroud of the Reaper: Clash of the Titans’ event on 3rd and 4th September:

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